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After yet another short sleep we were packing in preparation of our flight to Singapore. Even though we were running late as per usual we still managed to get to the airport on time and even managed to get through security and customs with 30 minutes to spare before boarding. Unfortunately the flight was delayed for close to an hour and we later found out when we got on the plane that the delay was from a passenger that had died on the previous flight so they had to wait for the ambulance to come and take the body away. What a way to start a flight hey?

An hour and a half later we were in the Singapore airport enjoying our first Burger King burger since leaving Canada. We had heard of a pretty good hostel in Singapore that a few travelers had told us about so after locating a map and getting directions from the visitor center, we were on our way to find “The Inn Crowd” hostel. What a change it was coming from the improvised streets of Jakarta to the state of the art and very modern Singapore streets and buildings. Their MRT(train) system is amazing and it was very easy to get to Little India which is the part of town where our hostel is located.

We got all settled in and I laid down for a couple hours since I was pretty tired. When Jordan woke me up at 7pm he had already met some people from England who wanted us to go to dinner . There was a food court type place just around the corner from our hotel so we all went there for dinner and for $2 you could get a full meal in which most of the dishes were Curry based Indian food. The meal was very good and when we got back to the hostel there were close to 10 people from England that were wanting to do some drinking and go out to the clubs in town. We even met a guy from Calgary that lived not far from where I live which was pretty cool.

Before long we were all playing fuck the dealer, spoons and a few other really fun drinking games that were setting up the night to be pretty fun. Around 10:30pm we all decided to go to Raffles Hotel for one of their famous Singapore slings which cost a staggering $20/each. After our Singapore slings we took a taxi over to Clark Key which is an area by a bridge where everyone goes to drink and is within walking distance of all the clubs. We stopped at a few different bars along the way, the one I remember the most was called Clinic which is a bar that’s setup like an old school hospital. You sit in old wheelchairs and they serve your drinks in IV bags which you sip from, the whole place is hospital themed and I must say it was one of the most interesting bars I have ever been to. Shortly after Clinic we came across a reverse bungee and giant swing drop that was setup right in the middle of a row of bars. Jordan had been talking about doing a reverse bungee if we ever came across it so when he saw it, he insisted we go and do it. Unfortunately the reverse bungee was closed for the night but the giant swing was still working so we rounded up 4 people and before I knew it we were standing in line waiting for our turn to drop from over 100 feet in the air. Now I must say that I’m not that great with heights so it was a good thing I was drunk cus they didn’t even need to try to convince me to go, I was down for anything. I was however a little nervous when they were pulling us up to the top which everyone seemed to get a kick out of, I didn’t think it was that funny though haha. Jordan was the one that had to pull the cord to make us drop and thankfully he didn’t play around too much and just pulled it when we got to the top. I have a pretty good video of us falling that I’ll try to get posted at some point.

We spent the next hour or so walking around Clark Key and lost about half our group when the girls from England decided they wanted to go to Ministry of Sound which is supposed to be a pretty good club after 3am. Jordan and I decided not to go though cus it was going to be $30 just to get in and then $20-30/drink, instead we walked around some more with the guy from Calgary in search of some food. It was close to 4am when we finally got back to the hostel and since we have free wi-fi in our room, I decided to do some late night blogging and talk to a few friends back home. I think I managed to fall asleep around 5:30am or so.

smokeyd says:
Hey Jason, I so enjoyed reading your blog. It seems like you guys are having a great time partying it up! I cant believe you did the swing thing drunk (lol) good for you, I would probably have to be drunk too ;o) I look forward to seeing some pics! Enjoy the rest of your travels, party hard, play safe and take it all in! Cheers!
Posted on: May 15, 2008
johnyb66 says:
Brought back a lot of old memories for me. Especially the cost!!!
Posted on: May 14, 2008
Strife says:
Great Blog!! Have a good trip in Borneo!
Posted on: May 14, 2008
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