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I think I was asleep for all of 30 minutes when I was woken up by knocking on our door and when Jordan answered the door he was astonishment to see his Dad who had flown all the way from Canada to see him and make sure he was ok due to the infection in his foot. I guess my family had been talking to his family and they were getting worried about him after his disappearing in Koh Pha-Ngan and the infection in his foot that didn’t seem to be going away. I said hello and went back to bed as I was dead tired and needed to be up by 11am to finish my diving workbook and meet the other divers for our course at 12:30pm.

When I woke up I went down to the beach and got some food before working on my diving book and got to talk to Jordan’s dad for a bit who was going to be taking Jordan to the hospital in Bangkok tomorrow since they had gone to the clinic and the doctor said that he needed actual treatment from a bigger hospital. He said that they’d go to the local clinic and stay the night there tonight and then go to Bangkok first thing in the morning and would let me know from there if Jordan would be coming back to finish his trip or whether he’d be going home right away. When 12:30pm rolled around I went and met up with my diving class and after a quick fitting of equipment were on the boat and off to our first diving site. Our first dive was Aow Leuk Pinnacle which was a pretty nice place to dive and we got to learn Peak Performance Buoyancy which is a skill where you learn to float as close to the coral and the fishes without actually touching them, that way you can take the best pictures and really get in close to see some of the stuff you might not normally see from a few feet away. After a short break we did our second dive at Pottery Pinnacle which wasn’t as good cus I didn’t really get to see anything new and there wasn’t much coral to look at either.

We got back to the resort around 6pm or so and I immediately ran into the Irish guys so we all went out for dinner. After dinner we all went and got Thai massages which was pretty amazing even though I had to go naked cus I didn’t have any boxers under my swim trunks and got the oldest Thai woman out of the group of us. Eve though we were a little tired after the massage we still felt like a million bucks and decided to go and get some coolers to strawpedo before heading out and also got 2 bottles of the cheap local whiskey and all the coke and red bull needed to make our own buckets again. We decided to play poker while we were drinking and Milky managed to clean us all out so he had a fat wallet full of Baht to take to the bar with him tonight. Tonight we figured we’d go to the bar a little earlier so we headed out at around 11pm and drank the 2 bottles of whiskey on the way there between the 5 of us. When we got to the 7-11 by Ban’s we ran into Justin(The Canadian we met last night) and had a drink with him before all of us went down the beach to Lotus bar. Since we had been to these bars 3 nights in a row we were starting to get to know everyone pretty well and most of the night we spent talking with everyone and buying each other drinks. We ran into some Irish and English people that we ended up spending most of the night talking to and when Lotus closed down we all went down the beach and eventually our group got split up because some wanted to just relax on the beach and some wanted to go to Ban’s bar. I opted to stay with a few of them and relax on the beach in which we ended up passing out for 2 hours at about 4am. I really shouldn’t have stayed out so late because I had to go diving at 7am so I quickly ran back to the resort and got changed to go diving. When I got to my room the Irish guys that weren’t at the beach were still up and talking away in their room, obviously in no hurry to get some sleep. I’m probably going to really regret staying up so late the night before diving!

Jordan_NunesVaz says:
*Bumrungrad International Hospital
Posted on: Jul 04, 2008
Jordan_NunesVaz says:
I lost my foot! It is gone! Never to come back! Good thing I had two of them. LOL. Nah, the Numrungrad International Hospital was top notch. They had me better in 4 days. The infection was so bad that I could barely think by the time I got there.
Posted on: Jul 04, 2008
lovely_lori88 says:
wow thats crazy that jordans dad came over all the way from canada!!! i hope hes ok!
Posted on: Jun 24, 2008
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