Drunken Muay Thai boxing in Koh Phi Phi, who's idea was it again?

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Well we got up in time to get packed and ready for the bus which was to pick us up at 11:30am and got to say goodbye to Mark since he was going to be staying in Patong to look for his friends. The bus picked us up and dropped us off at the pier which was about an hour away. On the bus we met this pretty cool Canadian couple that were traveling to Koh Phi Phi as well and had a laugh teaching them some Irish slang which seemed to be the thing to do when we met any new people. The ride was pretty bumpy and I was still quite sore from my fall last night so they got quite the laugh every time I’d groan going over big speed bumps or pot holes. When we got to the pier we basically hopped right onto the ferry and took some seats on the top deck where most of the people seemed to be sitting for the ride to Koh Phi Phi. The boat was around 3 hours and in that time I met some really nice people from the US and a couple people from England that were all traveling together. Milky, Sean, Nagle and Bernie slept for most of the boat ride but I couldn’t get comfortable lying on the deck so I just read my book and read through Koh Phi Phi in the Lonely Planet book to see where we should stay.

When we got to the island of Koh Phi Phi we were greeted by close to 50 Thais trying to take us to various hotels and bungalows throughout the island but we figured it best to just walk around and find something ourselves since it would probably be cheaper. We checked quite a few different places before ending up at View Garden bungalows which was only $4/night each for 2 rooms(double and triple room). This time I was going to be rooming with Nagle and Milky which we seemed alright with since we got along rally well together and then Sean and Bernie shared the other room. Unfortunately we had to share 2 beds between the 3 of us so Nagle and I got stuck sharing a double bed and Milky got the single to himself.

It was nearly 5pm and we figured it best to get some food since we really hadn’t eaten anything all day. We had been told by a girl when we were looking for a place to stay that Papaya restaurant by Tiger Bar was really good and cheap with big portions so we decided to head there for dinner. The girl was spot on about everything she had said about Papaya and we walked away very full for under $2. It was really busy in the bar district so we decided to grab some buckets and go out since it was our first night in Phi Phi. Rather than start drinking right away we got the bucket and all the ingredients without actually mixing it all together and went back to the room to get showered up and stuff. By about 9 pm we had finished our buckets and were ready to go out so we made our way down to Tiger Bar. Within about 5 minutes of being at Tiger Bar had managed to round up about 10 people to play Sociable’s(Kings if you’re from Europe) and since buckets were 2 for 1 we all decided to get a second bucket to play the game.

We got about ¾ through the round before we got restless and decided to head to another bar called Reggae Bar which was supposed to be very good most nights. Now when I got to Reggae Bar they wouldn’t let me in with my own bucket and it really sucked because the bar has a Muay Thai ring setup right in the middle and we could see 2 people going at it in the ring. Little did I know, anyone could go up and fight another person for a free bucket and it was Sean and Bernie that were actually in the ring! I managed to finish off my bucket pretty quick and got to catch the tail end of Sean and Bernie’s fight which seemed pretty one sided with Sean ending up the winner. I immediately went up to Milky and asked if he wanted to do it too since we had never done anything like it before and I was a little intoxicated so the prospect of actually getting hurt didn’t really cross my mind. Milky didn’t want to at first cus I was so eager to do it but I explained that I was definitely not a fighter and that he’d probably work me over pretty good and that helped change his mind and within a few minutes we were being suited up to get in the ring. For protection you get gloves and a boxing style helmet and since we had agreed not to kick each other we didn’t take the shin pads that they usually give you as well. Plus you get to wear the cool Muay Thai boxing shorts haha Now before our fight the bar wasn’t really that full and not many people were watching the fights but right as soon as we got in the ring it seemed to fill up and the whole ring side was covered with people eager to watch. I was a little nervous when I saw the 300+ people standing around ready to watch our fight but right as soon as the bell rang, that nervousness disappeared. I thought I would play it conservative at the start and try to draw Milky in so I could catch him with a right but he went all out from the start and I had to change my strategy in a hurry cus I took quite a few punches in the first round. In the second round I took an aggressive strategy and that helped except for one mistake where I went for a big right and he side stepped and popped me with his hard right and I almost dropped right then and there. It took me a second to catch my bearing but once I got it back I was good to go again. I could tell it was a big punch though from both the huge reaction from the people ringside and the pain I felt in my nose as I thought he almost broke it. When round 3 started I could tell we were both a little tired cus we were both a little sloppy and not a lot was connecting other than some small jabs. Finally right in the few last seconds of the round Milky connected with another big right and again I staggered but didn’t fall and the people were going crazy hoping I would drop. Milky and I got a few more punches in and that was the end of the final round, Milky of course gave me one huge punch to the back of the head as I was walking away which wasn’t thee best feeling in the world. Milky ended up having his arm raised at the end of the match so that kind of sucked but he did get the best punches in and worked me over pretty well. We were laughing throughout the whole match though and hugged at the end, it was definitely an experience I will not forget! I noticed once I hoped out of the ring that I had my first ever nose bleed which was expected I guess but still caught me off guard because I’d never had one before. I was shocked when a guy came up to Milky and I with 2 buckets cus I thought only the winner got a free bucket so I was at least happy about that even though another bucket was probably the last thing I needed at the time.

From there we just hung out in the streets with some people that we met along the way and I think it was about 3am when we decided to call it a night because we were all pretty drunk and tired at this point.

lovely_lori88 says:
haha crazy night!!
Posted on: Jun 25, 2008
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