Doing a day trip around Bali on 1 hour of sleep and then a flight to Jakarta.

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which was really sad cus we loved hanging out with him and it was gonna suck to not have him around anymore. We got a taxi to the airport and went through security before finding out that the travel agency guy kinda screwed us by telling us the flight was for the 7th when it was actually for the 8th. Of course neither of us actually checked the ticket so again it was our fault but it sucked to have to go back into Kuta and stay another day when we had already said our goodbyes. The only upside though was that we knew that Matt and the Aussie girls were meeting at Ocean Beach Club at 9pm so we decided to show up and surprise them. On our way out of our hotel we ran into a girl from Edmonton which is a city only 3 hours from our city(Calgary) and told her we’d come by after ad pick her up since she hadn’t been out in Kuta yet and was looking for someone to go out with.

We met Matt and the Aussie girls at Ocean Beach and had dinner and drinks for close to 2 hours before Jordan went and picked up the Canadian girl at out hotel(Olivia). We all sat and had a few drinks together and decided since we all had another day together that we’d rent a car and tour guide for the day tomorrow and do a day tour through Bali. Around 12pm Matt and the Aussie girls decided to call it a night since they were all pretty tired so Olivia, Jordan and I grabbed some beers before heading back to our hotel to have a few drinks before heading out again. Eventually we made our way to Bounty Nightclub and danced until they closed the club down at 3am or so. Jordan and Olivia were still up for partying some more so we grabbed some drinks at the mini-mart and headed back to the hotel to party by the pool. By that time we were getting pretty hungry as well so we ordered some McDelivery (for the second time in one day haha) and of course they screwed all of our orders up so they had to come back a second time with the rest of our order. Before we knew it the sun was coming up and unfortunately it was close to 8am when Jordan and I finally went to bed. The shitty part is we had to be up in 1 hour to get ready to meet everyone at Matt’s hotel and we hadn’t even packed our bags yet L Oh well, only one more day and we can get out of this party town!


------------------------------- Day 8 - Kuta, Bali, Indonesia - May 8, 2008 / Jakarta, Java, Indonesia - May 9, 2009

I think I managed to sleep for 1 hour before our alarm was going off and Jordan was kicking my bed to get me up. It’s been a while since I went on only an hours sleep and man does it suck. We managed to fully pack and were out of the room by 10am which I thought was pretty good even though we were supposed to meet everyone at Matt’s at 10am. I managed to leave the key in the room so I went back to get it and in the process accidentally knocked a lamp shade in the hallway and the bulb fell out and shattered on the floor right in front of the custodian. I felt bad for breaking the bulb so tried to pay 50,000 rupiah ($6 dollars roughly) for the broken bulb, figuring that was more than enough for the inconvenience of having to clean it up and replace the bulb. The guy refused to take the money and told me to pay at the front desk so I go back to the front desk and they try to charge me 150,000 rupiah(roughly $17 dollars). In Asia that is a ton of cash so I try to explain that that’s a ridiculous amount of money but they argue and say that they’ll call the police if I don’t pay. II tell them to call the police and I’ll wait but of course no police show up, a security guard does eventually show up and they decide to drop it to 100,000 rupiah so after 15 minutes of arguing I end up paying the 100,000 rupiah cus I was sick of arguing and needed to get to Matt’s to meet up with everyone else since we were already late anyway.

We finally got to Matt’s around 10:45am and although they had already left, we gave Matt a call and they picked us up 5 minutes later. The next 10 hours we spent touring around Bali, exploring through the Monkey Temple, Ubud, Mt.--------- and a few other stops including a spice place and a few markets for buying jewelry and stuff. I made it through the day without feeling too tired and finished the tour with just enough time to hag out at Matt’s place for a farewell drink before catching our flight.

We ended up catching our flight and by 11pm we were in Jakarta which is on the main island of Java. We took the taxi into town since the bus wasn’t running this late and within an hour we were standing on Jaksa street trying all the hotels and such looking for a room. We tried everywhere on Jaksa but everything was full so we spent the next 2 hours roaming the streets of Jakarta looking for a place that had 2 beds. When finally we came to a hotel that had a double room it was just over $35/night(again very expensive but it was all we could find). We ended up staying the night here and even though we were spending a pretty good amount of cash on the hotel, it still felt very old and dirty. Tonight was the first night I really felt homesick, maybe tomorrow will be better.

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