Day 5 - Heat.....Heat.....and more heat! Oh and almost dying while surfing!

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One thing I have noticed from the start of this trip is that I can’t seem to sleep for more than 5 hours before I automatically wake up and can’t sleep anymore. Kinda sucks because I’m starting to get slightly tired from all the late nights and from swimming in the ocean almost daily. Another thing would be that we seem to sweat everywhere we go no matter what time of day or night. The humidity has us sweating like pigs during the day especially and also a lot when we’re in any of the clubs at night which really sucks because our clothes are only lasting for 1 day and 1 night before they should probably be getting cleaned. Celina had suggested the night before that we sleep with our AC off in the hotel room and that that would help us get used to the climate here and help with the sweating during the day so last night we slept with the AC off and to be honest I think it might have helped slightly. Today we were sweating less during the day but then again it wasn’t that hot today due to cloud coverage for most of the day.

We ate a late breakfast and met up with Celina before going to get the German(Matt) at the McDonalds by the beach that we normally meet at. We grabbed a taxi and headed down the beach a little farther to se if the surfing was better than the normal part of the beach we’re at. For $4 we each rented a beach chair for the day and for another $6 each we managed to get a surf board for the day.

Most of the day was spent on the beach doing some surfing which everyone else seems to be doing really well at but I can’t seem to get my feet far enough apart to stay on the board for more than 3-4 seconds after standing up. I did have a pretty scary incident when Jordan decided it would be a good idea to catch a wave behind me and instead of jumping off the board he stayed on and almost killed me with his board. I had just enough time to flip my board over and duck my head under the water when he ran into me, the fins from his board left foot long, inch deep gouges in my board, luckily it wasn’t my head or body! We had a pretty good system for not tiring ourselves out too quickly though by surfing for an hour and then going back up on the beach to play Asshole(card game) and relax. We did that a few times before we got hungry and went to this restaurant by Matt’s Hotel that has pizzas for only $2.50. Unfortunately they screwed up on both Celina’s and my pizza which sucked cus it took extra time to re-cook new ones and by that time Jordan and Matt had already finished eating. That’s another thing about Asia, they seem to bring everyone’s food at different times rather than all at once like in Canada.

We had to rush off after the pizzas though because we had made plans to go to dinner with a bunch of girls from Sweden that we had met at the beach yesterday so we had to grab a motorbike ride back to our hotel and rush to get ready since we only had 45 minutes to get back and shower and be at the McDonalds by the beach which is still around 5 minutes walk from our hotel. Somehow we managed to basically make it there on time but either they had already come and gone or maybe mixed up the time because they were nowhere to be found. We waited for 25 minutes before deciding to just go and grab some beer and watch Family Guy on Matt’s laptop back at his hotel. It worked out alright cus we weren’t hungry for dinner at that point anyway.

After watching a few episodes of family guy we walked down the street for some grub and just took it easy for the rest of the night, none of the bars or pubs were busy anyway and after the last few days we figured it was a good idea to relax for a night anyway.

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Posted on: May 09, 2008
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