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Today we got up at our usual time and after a quick breakfast Jordan headed over to McDonalds to meet up with Matt while I got caught up on some of my blogging by the pool. Jordan ended up renting a scooter for the day on his way to the beach to meet Matt cus he was sick of walking everywhere. I guess they spent the better part of an hour cruising the streets of Kuta, almost killing themselves a few time since neither of them had ever driven a scooter before and they had trouble balancing it with two people on it at the same time.

When they got back from their little adventure we decided today was the day to head to a beach called Dreamland that one of the locals told us about that supposedly has really good surfing and lots of great people.

Matt and I were going to rent scooter and that way we could all just motorbike to the beach since we were told it wasn’t very far away but when we went to rent bikes we were told we weren’t going to be covered under insurance due to the fact that none of us had international drivers licenses. Rather than risk it we figured it would be just as easy to grab a taxi to the beach and with the taxis being so cheap we figured we’d probably even save a buck or two. Boy were we wrong, it took close to an hour to get there in the taxi and cost us a shade over $13, that may not seem expensive but in Asia that is a ton of money.

After a short walk down a hill we arrived at Dreamland beach, a beautiful beach with huge waves and awesome scenery. There were a few downsides though to this beach and they include big sharp rocks which when coupled with the big waves can be a major hazard for hitting your head on or cutting up your feet and other parts of your body.

Another big downside is that this beach is a tourist trap, everything is stupidly expensive and because there’s no competition for miles the vendors don’t need to bargain that much cus they know that they’ll get your business anyway. Due to the fact that we couldn’t rent a surfboard for less than $10/each and there were the huge rocks, we decided to just rent body boards for $4/each and try our luck at avoiding the rocks by going out a little farther into the ocean. We swam a good 200 feet out or so when we figured we’d be safe from the rocks and waited for some big wave to ride the body boards on. We waited for close to 10 minutes without much of anything when all of a sudden we were hit by 5 huge waves right after each other. It was actually pretty scary cus we’d get hit by a wave, get dragged down by the wave and just when we’d get to the surface we’d get hit by another wave.
I could see how people could drown cus you hardly got a breath before being dragged down by the next wave. Jordan had a scare too cus he had the cord from his board wrap around his neck when he was dragged under which choked him pretty good and left a nice red mark. I got stuck in a current when trying to get back to the beach and spent close to 10 minutes trying to fight the current from sucking me out further into the ocean. When I finally got back to the beach I was drained and no longer wanted to go in the water. We left shortly after and managed to bargain a ride home for just over $8 which was a little better than the ride to the beach.

We got all showered up and met up at 9pm at this place called Vivo something just down the street from Ocean Beach Club. It was definitely a higher class restaurant and the prices reflected that with most meals running $10-20/plate.

The food was pretty damn good though and for desert we had Crème Brule which was absolutely amazing. I’d never had it before but I must say that it was one of the best deserts I have ever had, it consisted of a vanilla type pudding with a caramelized sugar topping. I think we could have sat there all night eating those they were soooo damn good!

After supper we walked the streets for a while looking for a place to buy some hard liquor since we were craving Jagerbombs but unfortunately couldn’t find any and ended up settling for some BinTang and managed to drink a couple each at our hotel before going out. We had planned to make it a good night so we went to Bounty for happy hour around 12pm and within 5 minutes Jordan had managed to slam 5 of these big ¼ bottle vodka drinks that they serve mixed with a few other things in a fish bowl type glass.

Jordan left shortly after to go check out some other places while Matt and I stayed and played pool with 2 Australian girls that were having their first night in Kuta. After a couple games of pool we went upstairs for some dancing and Jordan managed to find his way back to the club and met up with us.

Around 2am we left Bounty in search of another club and that’s when shit hit the fan yet again. This time Jordan was the victim and after giving a beggar a little money was swarmed by a bunch of women beggars with their kids in the arms. In the swarm he managed to get pick pocketed and unfortunately noticed just a second too late cus the woman pulled out her hand and he freaked on her knowing that she had just had her hands in his pockets. She even managed to drop 100,000 rupiah(roughly $13) when she pulled her hand out but the damage had already been done, she managed to get 2.

5 million rupiah(roughly $270). It really sucked cus Jordan had just gone to the bank and hadn’t even had a chance to drop any money off back at the hotel and when we asked the woman to be searched everyone refused and no one would give us the number for the police so eventually Jordan gave up and the woman got away with all the cash. I guess that’s what you get for taking so much money out at once and not watching your pockets when your drunk. Shortly after that whole mess we all decided to just go back to our hotel room since it was pretty close and have a few drinks before calling it a night. Again we shared travel stories and when Matt and the girls finally left it was close to 4am and we were ready for bed. We agreed to all meet up the next day at 2pm for some eats and maybe some relaxing on the beach since it was supposed to be our last day in Kuta before heading to Jakarta.

sylviandavid says:
Yikes..... poor jordan needs a money belt... terrible!
Posted on: Dec 05, 2011
lovely_lori88 says:
aw no that sucks so much!
Posted on: May 13, 2008
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