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We had to be up early again with scuba lessons starting at 8:30am and today we had an awesome breakfast of Rotti which is like the Indian version of pancakes, at least that’s my take on them. Instead of syrup though, you dip them in a somewhat spicy curry type sauce as well as a sweet sauce that is yellow in color. The rotti was really good, although it feels a little weird to eat something with curry for breakfast.

We started with one last confined water dive I which we learned some more skills and then we were ready to start our dives for the day. Our first dive was at Sapi Reef at Sapi Island in which we got to a depth of 18 meters for 40 minutes. The visibility was a little better today at 6-7m which was nice but supposedly that’s not even that good compared to their normal conditions. We still managed to see quite a few different type of fish though, including Razor fish, Clown fish, Cuttle Fish, Soldier fish, Sergeant Majors, Helmut cone and snappers. After our first dive we spent 2 hours on Sapi Island for lunch which was a beautiful little island and wasn’t too busy at the time. It was pretty cool though cus there were a bunch of Monitor lizards on the island and Jordan ended up getting whipped by one of their tails when he got a little close to the biggest one. He had a nice big red mark across his arm and chest from where the tail connected, luckily it didn’t break the skin though.

For our second dive we went to Plate Coral Reef at Sapi Island but this time the visibility was only 3-4 meters and we only dove to 15m for 35 minutes. On this dive we managed to catch of glimpse of Lion fish, Butterfly fish, Bat fish, Coral cod, Orang Utan crab and Sea cucumbers. Both dives went really well and we didn’t have any issues whatsoever.

When we got back to the school around 3pm we were congratulated for passing the course and given our certificates so now we are certified to dive basically anywhere in the world. It was only about 4pm when we got back to the lodge so I decided to take a power nap to recharge since diving takes quite a bit of energy out of you during the day. I didn’t wake up till around 7:30pm which was a little later than I had planned so I had a quick shower and got ready to go out for the night and since it was our last night in KK, we figured we’d have some drinks and see where the night takes us. We had dinner at a pizza place just down the street and went back to the lodge for drinks after. We brought our bottle of vodka down along with the 7-up we bought and welcomed everyone in the lodge to help themselves if they wanted, we ended up making friends quite quickly that way haha. We spent most of the night talking to two girls from London as well as a nice couple from Germany and after few drinks we figured we’d all go and do some drunk bargaining at the local outdoor market right outside our hostel. I didn’t end up buying anything although there were a few pairs of knock off shoes that I would have loved to get if I had the room to fit them in my bag. For $15 you could get a pair of knock off pumas that were honestly very high quality copies compared to some of the ones we’ve seen. Jordan ended up buying a small club style wallet for like $4 but unfortunately it ripped not 2 hours later haha.

It was close to 12pm when we decided to call it a night since we had to be up at 6am to catch the bus to Sandakan at 7am. We said our goodbyes to everyone and left the rest of the bottle of Vodka for them to drink since we had a bottle of Rum left still and we didn’t want to carry both bottles with us on the bus. Overall we were pretty happy with KK(Kota Kinabalu) and with it’s relaxed atmosphere and lack of tourists, it’s a really nice to place to spend a few days on our trip! 

lovely_lori88 says:
congrats on getting certified!
Posted on: May 31, 2008
abubu says:
i like KK better than KL.
Posted on: May 23, 2008
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