So a Canadian guy, a Dutch guy, an Irish guy and a German girl walk into a bar, no joke, just fun!

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After a hellish day in Bangkok all I wanted to do was get to Manila and be able to relax. I had to catch my flight from Bangkok to Manila at 12:05am and although it was delayed about 45 minutes I managed to meet another young backpacker going to Manila that helped the flight go by a little quicker. I arrived in Manila at around 5:30am and had planned to stick around in the airport until the sun came up but was lucky enough to run into a few backpackers(Jeroen(Dutch), Brendan(Irish) and Kerstin(German)) that were willing to share a cab into town. We got to know each other and before we knew it we were all looking for rooms together in Melati which is like the cheaper accommodations section of Manila. We weren’t having much luck though as everything was either full or really expensive, it wasn’t till around 9am that we managed to find a place with more than 1 room and was somewhat in our price range. Unfortunately they only had 3 rooms available to and Jeroen and Brendan preferred to have rooms alone so Kerstin and I had to share the only room they had left, it didn’t bother us too much though since we got to split the cost and save a few bucks. After grabbing breakfast we decided to get some sleep since I hadn’t really slept in 36 hours and we were all pretty bagged.

Our room had air conditioning which helped keep us pretty cool but it’s a mixed blessing as I always seem to get a small cold every time I stay at a place with air conditioning. Kerstin left around 1pm since she wasn’t super tired and wanted to go exploring but I stayed and slept till just after 5pm when I got up and had a shower. Around 5:30pm Kerstin came back to the room and after waking up Brendan and Jeroen we decided to go to the internet café to try and figure out our next destination as Manila wasn’t really the place any of us wanted to spend any extra time in. In the end Kerstin and I wanted to go South and Jeroen and Brendan wanted to go North so we figured we’d split up tomorrow and go our own ways. I originally wanted to go from Boracay which is the touristy/party area to Coron which is the spot for some of the greatest wreck dives in the world. Unfortunately since it’s low season finding ferries that go between these places in a short amount of time is kind of difficult so Kerstin and I had to plan for Boracay first and then figure out from there where we can go. Another downside was that we couldn’t find any flights to Boracay for tomorrow and all the travel places were closed so we could only hope that we could get to one in the morning and catch a last minute flight to Boracay.

From there we all went out for dinner which wasn’t that great cus most of the food tasted like it was prepackaged but we had tried to save a few bucks by going to a cheaper restaurant so I guess that’s what we should have expected. After dinner we went to a place called Hobbit House that I had heard a few people talking about and is run completely by the vertically challenged(small people). It’s a pretty popular tourist attraction in Manila and thus we paid a premium for our beers which cost 105 Pesos each(normally 40-45 pesos/bottle). We got another nice surprise when we got the bill as there was an entrance fee of 150 pesos that we weren’t aware of. They neglect to tell you that there is this entrance fee and when we questioned it they took us to the front entrance where there is a tiny sign about 6 inches long that says “150 entrance fee”. Of course none of us saw this tiny little sign so we weren’t too pleased to be paying that on top of the outrageously priced beer. The first thing that came out of my mouth was “those sneaky little bastards” in an Irish accent that put all of us in uncontrolled laughter. When we left we agreed that although it was expensive, it was an interesting experience and we did manage to get quite a few photos while we were there so it wasn’t really that bad, we should have expected it I guess. From there we ended up at LA Bar which was completely packed full of white tourists and Pilipino prostitutes. We stayed there most of the night since there wasn’t much else busy and luckily since we were with a women we were lucky not to be bothered too much by the prostitutes. Around 1am Kerstin and I decided to head back to the room since we had to be up early and I was still pretty tired from my last 36 hours of travel. Jeroen and Brendan had had quite a few drinks and were looking to maybe pick up a girl or something so they decided to stay and see what kind of luck they’d have. We told them we’d see them in the morning and say goodbye before leaving. We set the alarm when we got back to the room and were asleep within minutes.

geek_goddess_jolie says:
Interesting experience. By the way it's Malate not Melati =) Wish you could find time to write about the rest of your trip!
Posted on: Nov 18, 2009
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