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The alarms went off at 7am and although it was tough to get up, we managed to b up and at the travel agency place by 8am. From there we went down to the pier and jumped on the boat that would be taking us around for the day and thankfully there was only about 20 people or so on the boat rather than the 50+ people that I had seen on a few other boats. Our first stop of the day was a cave which we didn’t actually get to go into and I can’t remember the name of but it was pretty cool from the outside and we managed to get a few pics of it. From there they took us to some island where we got to snorkel for like 45 minutes and although my goggles leaked like crazy, the coral was pretty good and there were quite a few different fish to see. Our next stop after that was Maya Bay but because the water was choppy we couldn’t go around the front to get to the beach so they dropped us around the back, made us swim up into these rocks where every wave belts you into the rocks and then walk through up through this rocky cave like part to get up to the beach. It was really shitty because we were so tired from battling the water and the rocks that all we wanted to do was relax once we were on the beach. After about an hour they called us back to the boat and we had to climb down through the rocks and fight the big waves again to get off the island. By the time we got back to the boat we were all spent and didn’t really want to do anymore swimming for the rest of the boat tour. Our next stop was a really quite island and 3 of the Irish guys got to Kayak in cus they managed to get a kayak before they were all gone which left me to swim into shore yet again. At least this time there weren’t really any waves and no rocks to contend with so it was relatively easy to swim onto shore. There we stayed about 35 minutes and in that time Will, Hannah and I buried Nagle in the sand and got some pretty funny pictures of him while he couldn’t move. Will and Hannah had got a Kayak as well and Milky and Sean had left with the Kayak to go back to the boat early so Nagle and I had to do the swim back to the boat together. Our last stop of the day was Monkey Beach and yet again I got screwed out of a Kayak cus Sean and Nagle got the last one so Milky and I had to swim onto shore. There were a bunch of rally drunk Irish guys from another boat that dropped people off at the same time that were teasing the monkeys and trying to piss them off. Unfortunately despite all their efforts they didn’t manage to get bitten which I think half the people wanted to see since these guys were total tools. On the way back to the boat Bernie, Nagle and I stole a Kayak from the shore and kayaked back to the boat cus I don’t think I could handle anymore swimming for the day. From there we went back to Koh Phi Phi where they dropped us off and we all went back to the room to get some rest since we were all dead tired and had managed to get quite a bit of sun even though the sun was behind the clouds most of the day.

I ended up passing out for a few hours and when I woke up everyone except Milky was sleeping so I decided to get ready and head into the bar district to see if I could track down Milky. Sure enough a ran into Milky just after leaving the room and since everyone else was sleeping we decided to go into town and get some food before going to get the boys. We grabbed a really quick meal at Papaya and were about to head back to the room when we ran into an English couple(Tina and Sam) and they were pretty keen on getting a drinking game started so we decided to grab a bucket each and play Kings right outside Tiger Bar. About half way through the game Will came walking by looking for us since he saw that everyone else was sleeping and bought a bucket to join in on the fun. Before we knew it, it was 12am and we realized that we still hadn’t got the guys up so Will and I quickly ran back to the room to wake everyone up. When we got to the rooms, Sean and Bernie were up and leaving but Bernie was still sleeping so Will and I shook him and although he was reluctant at first we coaxed him with the offer of a free bucket if he came and within a minute he was dressed and ready to go haha. When we got back to where Milky was, Will and I bought Nagle a bucket and then I went into the 7-11 and bought a round of strawpedoes since Will hadn’t been introduced to this concept yet. When I came out with the coolers he laughed but once I showed him what we were going to do with them he was eager to give it a try. He managed to do alright on his first try and got the whole bottle down with just 3 stops haha(most people suck at first too) but before we knew it he was buying round 2 and looking to improve from his first one. After a little bit we decided to head down to the beach where we met some loads of cool people including two Canadian girls that almost got thrown in the ocean by Sean, luckily for them it was low tide and he would have had to carry them in pretty deep to throw them in so he gave up about half way. Now at this point we thought Milky was the drunkest guy on the island but we did manage to find the drunkest guy I have seen on the trip so far and he was passed out in the sand and wouldn’t move no matter how much they shook him. Eventually people started to get worried about him so Will and I went over to check on him since I’m an EMT and Will is a Med Student. Sure enough he was just really drunk and we got him onto his side just incase he puked and designated one of his friends to watch him the rest of the night if they weren’t gong to take him back to his room. I felt bad for the guy though cus I’ve only ever been that drunk once and it really sucks, especially the next day! Will and I got introduced to the Irish Rugby tackle by Sean a few times and that’s when we finally concluded that we had got burnt pretty bad on the boat today cus both our shoulders were just killing after.

Around 3 am or so we left the beach and were going to call it a night so we headed back to the room. When we got to the corner by our bungalows Milky and about 10 other people were standing around talking and we stayed ad talked with them for a bit since Milky wasn’t in any hurry to go to bed. There I met 2 people from Holland who were celebrating the Holland victory over France and were just getting ready to start their partying. They wanted Will and I to come with them and party down by the beach but we were both ready to go to bed so we told them we’d party with them tomorrow night if we ran into them. I think it was around 4:30am or so when we finally got to bed and Will was making us promise before leaving that since tomorrow night was our last night that we’d go out with him again and we’d get strapedoes and get a deluxe bucket to share(It’s a whole bottle of Rye with 3 red bulls and coke). Of course we couldn’t decline because we were having a lot of fun hanging out with him and Hannah and on his trip he never really got to party too much, unlike us who haven’t stopped partying for like 10 days basically.

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