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Around 5am or so we arrived in Surat Thani and had to wait an hour for the bus to arrive and take us to Phuket which was still about 4 hours away. Even though I had got about 5 hours sleep on the boat I was still dead tired and when the bus finally arrived I think I was awake for about 5 minutes on it before completely passing out. The Irish guys and I all sat by ourselves on the bus so every couple hours I’d wake up and have a different person sitting beside me which was kind of funny considering I’d wake up and notice I was almost drooling on them a few times. We got to Phuket about 11am or so and took a while deciding where we wanted to stay cus Bernie wanted to meet up with some friends of his from England but didn’t know whether they were staying in Phuket town or Patong which is the busier section of Phuket. Eventually he got a hold of them and found out they were staying at Baan Patong Guesthouse in Patong. While waiting around to hear from Bernie’s friends we ran into a guy from England that was on our boat and was traveling alone so we invited him to come with us to Patong and if he wanted to hang out with us for the day then he could since we were only planning to stay the one day.

When we got to the guesthouse we immediately ran into Charlie and Ashley(Bernie’s English friends) and were told not to pay more than $10 night so we talked to the guy running the place and sure enough we got him down to that price so we only had to pay $5/person to stay each night. Mark and I decided to share a room since we wanted to save a few bucks and it was only going to be for 1 night anyway. Once we got checked in we were going to go to a bar to watch the Ireland v. New Zealand rugby match that was going to be on at 2pm but when we checked the channels on TV in our rooms we noticed we had the channel for it so we all piled into Milky and Nagle’s room to watch. There were 8 of us piled into the room watching the game as the channel sporadically flickered on and off as the satellite feed wasn’t that good. Eventually we gave up trying to watch it in the room and headed down the road to an Irish bar to finish watching the game but unfortunately New Zealand pulled through and finished with an 18-12 win.

Later in the night around 9pm after we had all got showered up and ready, we met back up and all went out to dinner at a restaurant just off the main drag of bars in Patong. After dinner we had fun going through all the different bars filled with prostitutes and lady boys even though they could get kind of annoying, some wouldn’t leave you alone and you’d have to basically run away from them. We found a bar that was relatively quiet and had a few drinks before introducing Mark and the English couple(Ashley and Charlie) to strawpedos. We all had a pretty good time and eventually made our way down to another section of bars where we met these two Swedish girls(Marlyn and Penilla) and they taught us all how to play the hammer game where you have to hammer a nail into this big block of wood in less strokes than anyone else playing the game. All the Irish guys were having fun with the various prostitutes like arm wrestling them and teaching the funny Irish slang. Around 1am or so we decided to all go to the D-Club which is a club located at the end of the row of bars we were in and we all got in for free and got drink tickets for free because we went in with the people that owned the bar we were drinking at all night. The club was pretty packed and we had a pretty good time there with the mix of Thai and Western style music. It was hilarious watching the Irish guys all dancing with tier shirts off on the main stage of the club and we couldn’t stop laughing from the sidelines as we took pics and videos of them dancing with both Thai girls and lady boys. You’re always guaranteed to have a laugh when you go out for the night with them, that’s for sure! One mistake I made though was giving my camera to one of the Swedish girls to put in her purse while we were all dancing cus I didn’t have any pockets. At the end of the night we all agreed to meet back up at the same bar tomorrow but I accidentally forgot to get my camera back so I was slightly worried that maybe they would make off with it and not show tomorrow but at the same time they both seemed like really nice people so I hoped I figured I wouldn’t have any issues getting it back. As you’re probably wondering, yes we decided to stay more than 1 night after hanging out with Bernie’s friends(English couple). Oh well, that’s the fun of traveling without a set schedule, you can just go with the flow and stay an extra night here or there without any issues.

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photo by: darkinvader143