Awesome cooking class and watching Holland get knocked out of the Euro :-(

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Luckily I managed to wake up by myself in the morning in time to catch the bus to the cooking course. Instead of a bus though it was a guy on a motorbike and I had to ride on the back of it to the market where we were meeting the class. When we got to the market I was greeted by the “Master Chef” and he had a big smile on his face and said that I was going to be a happy camper today. When I asked him what he was talking about, he told me that half of the class had slept in and that it was only me and 4 girls. The girls arrived shortly after and we all introduced each other and made our way into the fresh market for our first lesson of the class. The chef taught us about different ingredients in Thai food and what to look for when shopping for them. He added a lot of cheesy jokes into the mix here and there which was pretty funny and he kept making subtle comments about the girls and I going out after class which the girls didn’t seem to pick up on and I thought was hilarious. After the market we got in his pick up truck and drove to a small community outside Chiang Mai where his cooking school was located. Our first dish of the day was Tom Yam soup with prawns which was amazingly easy to make and tasted amazing considering I’m not much of a fan of prawns. The second dish was chicken green curry and it was pretty good as well but still wasn’t hot enough for me even though I put 4 green chili’s in the bowl (he said most people take 3 chili’s max, the girls only took 2). You could choose other curries as well but the green was the hottest so I went with that. We also got to see two different ways of cooking the dish because there was only 5 of us and we were moving quite quickly without the full class of ten. One of the girls was also a vegetarian so we got to see how each dish was prepared when cooking for a vegetarian. The third dish was a vegetable stir fry with chicken and cashew nuts that was probably the most fun to make because you got to make a 3 foot flame when adding the onion and water the pan. I guess a lot of people singe their eyebrows when doing this but I managed to come out unscathed. The 4th dish was spring rolls so we were taught how to cook all the ingredients before adding them to the roll and then how to make the roll and finally how to cook the roll in the oil. While making the spring rolls we were taught how to cook sticky rice in preparation of our desert. While the spring rolls were cooking we started on our main dish of Pad Thai which was just as easy to cook as all the other dishes. All the dishes seemed to finish at once so before we knew it we had spring rolls and Pad Thai as our last meal and sticky rice with mango for desert. Throughout the whole day, the Chef kept making corny joke after corny joke that kept us in stitches although the girls didn’t seem to catch a lot of the sexual innuendo jokes which I thought were hilarious. We headed back into town at around 3pm which was a little earlier than planned but I was stuffed and wanted to have a quick nap before the big game tonight between Holland and Russia.

It was around 6pm when I woke up from my nap and after getting showered I went out into the common area where I found Wieteke, Penny, Dor, Hayle and a bunch of the others waiting to go out for supper. We had heard about a Saturday market down by the canal so we decided to head down there and then find a place to eat in the area. When we got to the canal though all we could see was food vendors and no actual merchandise vendors so we decided to et first and then go in search of souvenirs. I was not really in the mood for Thai food after cooking it all day but there wasn’t really any choice so I settled for Pad Thai which actually turned out to be really good. When we were all finished eating we noticed that all the merchandise vendors were across the canal so we made our way to the closest bridge and spent a good hour or so looking through all the different things for sale but as per usual I didn’t really find anything I liked.

On our way back to Julies we stopped off at a 7-11 and bought some rum and coke to make our own drinks for the football game. The girls had a nice laugh when I went to buy a big gulp cup full of ice like I had done with the Irish guys before because 7-11 would never let us have free cups. They couldn’t believe that I was going to pay for a cup and said they were just going to ask for free cups even though I told them they would never give them free cups. Sure enough right after I bought my cup, Wieteke went over and asked for some cups and of course they hand over a bunch of free cups for everyone! They made fun of me all night for having to buy a cup full of ice when they just asked and got them for free. When we got back to Julies we all hung out in the common area talking and playing card games while we waited for the game to start at 1:45am. Wieteke and Penny got out their orange shirts just before the game started and both stood up and sang along with the national anthem when it started playing which was pretty funny cus they were sooo into it that we had to take pictures. Holland unfortunately didn’t play all that well against Russia and even though they managed to tie the game up with only a couple minutes left, couldn’t hold on in extra time and ended up losing 3-1. It was a sad end as Holland was the only team left that I really liked since Sweden was knocked out by Russia the game before. It was about 4am when I said goodnight to everyone, there were only a few of us left at that point as most were walling asleep about half way through the game and ended up going to bed.

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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes