Another relaxing day in Chiang Mai, this time at the national park by the lake

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Today I planned to have a nice relaxing day since I was up late last night watching the game and was thinking of doing a trek tomorrow so I wanted to save my energy for that. I forced myself to sleep in until 1pm and then spent a good hour or so on the internet before going in search of lunch. When I was walking down the street looking for food I ran into Wieteke, Hayle and 2 Canadian guys named Johnny and James who were from Victoria, BC. They were heading to the lake in the national park for the day and asked if I wanted to come with them so I decided to skip food for the time being and relax with them at the lake. It only cost us around $2 to get there even though it was a good 30 minute drive and when we got there we couldn’t believe how nice and relaxing it was there. I even managed to find a food stall so I was able to kill two birds with one stone!

We stayed at the lake just hanging out on one of the bamboo huts they had setup along the water until 5:30pm when we had agreed to meet the tuk-tuk driver to take us back to Julies. At Julies we split up and agreed to meet up in the common area at 7pm to go for dinner so I decided to go work on my blog for a couple hours since I hadn’t had a lot of time to catch up on it. Wieteke, James and Johnny and I were all planning to do the same 2 day trek starting tomorrow so I went and booked that as well since I had been procrastinating on booking it. Luckily enough we were the last ones to get in so we were all able to get on the same trek together.

At 7pm I came out to the common area to find Penny, Wieteke, Hayle, a girl from England, a girl from Germany and a guy from Hawaii who were all coming out to dinner with us. Roland from Toronto had just got back from his 2 day trek so was going to get ready and then meet us at the Sunday market since tonight is supposed to be the best market night of the week. On our way to the market I could smell pizza in the air and immediately turned to my left to see a really nice Italian pizzeria which thankfully everyone agreed to eat at since I had been craving pizza for a couple days. The place had amazing pizza and we were all really happy that we stopped there to eat. From there we walked down the street to the market which was absolutely packed by the time we got there. We had been told that it got busy after 8pm but we didn’t realize it was going to be as busy as it was, you could barely walk at all due to all the people. Most of us were unsure whether we wanted to even fight the crowds at all but in the end we decided to brave the crowd and see if there was anything at the market that peaked our interest. Again I didn’t really find anything I liked but we did come across a vendor selling fried cockroaches and got the pleasure of watching Hayle eat one of them. She said it wasn’t that bad tasting but was so dry that she could barely swallow it. I kept my eye out for Roland but he was nowhere to be found. Somehow Wieteke, Hayle and I got split up from everyone else when going through the crowds so eventually after an hour or so we decided to just head back to Julies and see if everyone made it back. Sure enough when we got back to Julies almost everyone was there except for Penny and one other guy I didn’t know the name of so we figured they’d make their way back eventually. Roland was hanging out with a bunch of people in the common area so I sat with his group and talked to them for most of the night. I had planned to go to bed around 12pm to get a good sleep for the trek tomorrow but every time I tried to leave, Rolland and the others would talk me into staying. Italy and Spain were going to be playing each other in the Euro at 1:45am so I stayed up to watch the first half of the game with everyone before finally sneaking off and getting into bed at just after 3am. I had to be up at 8:45am for the trek in the morning so I figure I’ll regret staying up so late.

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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes