Again, flip-flops are deadly in the rain. Oh and meeting up with friends from Calgary!

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Today we didn’t wake up till about 1pm because we were all really tired from last nights craziness. I was pretty sore from the Muay Thai boxing and one of the first things I noticed when I went to the washroom was that I had a black eye from the Muay Thai fighting last night and my nose and jaw were pretty damn sore as well. Sean and I were the first ones up so we decided to go get some eats and maybe hop on the internet for a bit. Now since it has been raining most of the morning everything was really wet and even though I was soooo careful when I was going down the stairs from our room I still managed to slip and fall down about 5 tiled steps. I swear these damn flip flops are going to be the death of me cus that’s twice now I’ve fallen with them on and anytime it rains I just slip and slide all over the place. I think I was pretty lucky though cus it didn’t hurt half as bad as the fall outside the club in Patong. Sean got a good laugh out of it though and was cursing himself that he didn’t have a camera to take a pic of it. We ended up at an Irish pub where I had the biggest chicken burger I’ve ever had in my life. After lunch I spent a good hour or two talking to friends on the internet and ended up getting a message from Will saying he was just arriving in Koh Phi Phi tonight and was wondering if we knew a good place to stay so I suggested the place we are staying at and gave them directions and told them I’d meet them by our place in a bit and help them get checked in since we had bargained our room down and wanted them to get the same price.

It was about a hour later when I ran into them and helped them get checked in, they had got lost a few times trying to find the place so it took them a little longer to find the place than expected. They were happy to save a few bucks as they were going to stay in a nice resort for almost 5 times the price and I was happy to be seeing a friend from home as a nice bonus. We let them get showered up as they had spent all day on the bus/boat from Patong. Around 9pm we went out to get some food and ended up at a Mexican Restaurant that was half decent and we hadn’t had Mexican at all on our trip so we figured it was time for a change.

After dinner we went around to a few of the bars and along the way were given tickets for free buckets at Reggae Bar between 12-12:10am so we hung out at a few places and then headed to Reggae bar at around 11:30pm to make sure we got in the lineup for the buckets. We also had tickets for free shots on the second level of the Reggae bar so we got our free shots and then stayed close to the bar until 12am when we each got a free bucket. Now I know we were getting them for free so I shouldn’t complain but they’re definitely not full buckets(only about half full) and they aren’t half as strong as a normal bucket but for free what could we expect. Luckily we had a few extra tickets cus Milky and Sean kept going over to the girls with the free tickets and got a few extra so we got probably 4 extra buckets and gave them to Will and Hannah since it was they’re first night and I think it was they’re first buckets ever as well. The rest of the night we mainly stayed at Reggae bar talking to random people that walked by since it started to downpour outside and none of us really felt like getting wet. I think we called it a night around 2:30am or so when Reggae Bar closed and since the rain had died down a bit, we decided to just go straight home before it kicked back up again. Luckily we made it home before the rain started back up again and we fell asleep to what sounded like a hurricane from all the wind and rain belting our door.

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