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Even though I was running on basically no sleep I managed to stay awake during my first 2 dives of the day which were at Green Rock and Twin Peaks leaving just 1 dive left for me to get my Advanced Open Water Certificate. Right as soon we got back on the island I went right to my room and slept for a good 5 hours or so in preparation for the night dive at 6:30pm. For the night dive we went to White Rock and it was really cool to see all the different species of fish and plants that come out at night. Not only that but it’s pretty cool to have a torch with you to be able to see through the water and find your way. My dive partner and I had a little scare when we decided to venture away from the main group and we didn’t have our torches pointed forward. All of a sudden a giant Barracuda came out of nowhere in front of us and we both kind of freaked out because we thought it was a shark from the shear size of the damn thing. Anyways, the rest of the dive went really well and we were told afterwards that it was one of the best night dives they’ve had in weeks for seeing different fish and having good visibility.

We got back to the resort around 10pm so I got showered up and met up with the Irish guys to go get some drinks to pre-drink before going to Sairee Beach for our last night out in Koh Tao. We stopped off at the 7-11 and each got a couple coolers to strawpedo and a bottle of the really cheap Whiskey to make our own buckets again. When we got back to the resort to start pre-drinking, I noticed a moderate sized firework laying on Nagle’s bed and soon found out that they were planning to set it off at some point tonight after having a few drinks. I couldn’t stop thinking that it probably wasn’t the best idea when you’re drunk but they had already decided they were going to do it and they thought it would be a great laugh. We finished our strawpedos and made our buckets before starting the walk to Sairee Beach. Nagle, Sean and Bernie took off a couple minutes before Milky and I and I soon found out why. Milky and I were coming down the steps from our room when there was the loudest scream and then we saw the firework shoot up from about 20 feet away and blow up into a huge firework maybe 50 feet above our head. It was the loudest thing I have heard in a while, I’m sure it woke anyone that was trying to sleep within about a km of the resort and it blew up so close to the ground that the bits that fall from the firework were falling all over us. Next thing I saw was Nagle, Sean and Bernie running up the hill towards Sairee each, leaving Milky and I to catch up and get caught if someone was to come around asking. On the way to the beach I ran into my friends that I had been diving with and they were already hammered and heading back to the resort but they did hear the firework and had wondered who set it off so close to the resort haha

At Lotus bar we ran into Justin again(guy from Calgary) and again he was trying to pick up the same Dutch girl that he’d tried to pick up the last 3 nights in a row. We were all joking around with him that he was going to strike out for a forth night in a row and that he might as well just give up and cut his losses. We all had a good laugh about it though and the Irish guys continued their onslaught of Irish humor on the girls at the bar. Milky would say things like “You’re a sweaty bitch” and “Get away from me, wit your dick”, seriously some of the funniest lines I’ve ever heard used on girls and although they may sound really rude, the way they say it just makes the girls laugh and want to come over and talk. When Lotus closed down we did our usual journey over to Ban’s Bar where we stayed the rest of the night. Sean and Nagle were off throwing girls in the ocean most of the night(again sounds bad but everyone has a great time, even those getting thrown in fully clothed). Later on in the night the Irish guys asked if I’d travel with them to Phuket and then on to Koh Phi Phi since I had planned to go there anyway and we were having such a good time hanging out together. I agreed of course because I was going to be traveling alone anyway and they were such a blast to go out with so we decided to catch the night boat/bus to Phuket tomorrow and then travel to the island of Koh Phi Phi the day after.

I think it was about 5am or so when we got back to the resort and had to set our alarm since we needed to be checked out by 11am. I must admit that all the partying on Koh Tao was starting to wear on me so I was glad to be leaving but I did have a ton of fun on the island, especially doing the diving course!

Jordan_NunesVaz says:
You forgot to mention how you heroeically carried me to the trucka nd held my hand at the clinic. jk. But you were there with me the whole time. I also punched that english dude.
Posted on: Jul 04, 2008
lovely_lori88 says:
haha did you find out if the guy got with the girl or not!??!
Posted on: Jun 25, 2008
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Koh Tao
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