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In the first year of High School I went to Germany...I forget where exactly...but there were mountains that were green with trees so thick you couldn't see a single hint of rock beneath. We went up a cable car at some point to visit a small castle perched at the top.

In one of the towns, I remember being surprised by the fact there were cases of knives (of all different sizes and shapes) just displayed on the pavements...everywhere you looked, knives. We also came across a man with a pet monkey that danced, and a music box, like you see in the movies (and is probably very illegal now I would imagine...and maybe was then). One of the girls on our group got to close to it and it grabbed hold of her hair and wouldn't let go. When they eventually got her separated from it, she was crying and the monkey was left clutching handfuls of long blonde hair. I remember just watching with a certain amount of amusement and see...

The day before, that same girl had thought it was funny to put chocolate in my ear while I was sleeping on the coach. It had melted down into my ear drum giving me terrible ear ache. By the time I got back home (over 10 days later) I had a very bad ear infection, and despite the course of antibiotics I was given immediately, I lost partial hearing on that side due to the damage. I have never regained full hearing on that side, and suffer from awful ear ache in the winter if I don't wear hats/ear muffs outside.

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