Trees that look lost in time

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Whilst on holiday in Florida, we also took some time out to go to Georgia on a bit of a road trip, it took us hours to get there. The rented Buick smelt like leather and gave me a slight headache, and your legs stuck to the seats whether you wore shorts or not.

I really loved Georgia, the way the trees looked so wistful like willows...and hung on every tree was another plant, draped and grey like cobwebs, I have no idea what that is but it's really beautiful.

All the houses are wooden (which seems totally alien to me, being from the UK) and seem to shelter between the trees, trying to avoid the sun, like dusty dogs. We climbed some stairs on the side of a large house that banked onto the had a hand painted sign advertising a cafe on the veranda above.

I had arguably the best tasting lemonade I have ever had in my life in that cafe, and to this day I can't remember where we were or how we got there. Maybe some day I'll go in search of that little haven on the bayou, where the crickets sing louder than anywhere else I have far.

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