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if you look along the coast, you can see where Salvador (northeast) is in relation to Curitiba (south)
ladies and gentlmen,

i have arrived in Salvador, Bahia!  after transiting from Curitiba to Sao Paulo, then Sao Paulo to Salvador, we arrived at our hostel at about 6:45am.  i found it on the internet, and it turned out to be quite decent, for the CAD$9 that we are paying to stay there.  sarah and i slept till about 3pm...we were tired! 

as we walked down the stairs of our hostels, the open cobblestone streets greeted us with big smiles, warm Bahian air, colourful faces, and vendors selling everything from delicate Bahian paintings, keychains, dresses, and shoes.  our hostel is right in the middle of the Pelo, THE place to be in Salvador.  we headed down the street to Largo do Pelourinho...and as the Lonely Planet indicated to me, was the site of where slaves used to be publicy executed up until 1835.   Salvador was the first capital of Brazil, and was the port where the Portuguese first entered into.  it was also through this port where thousands of Africans were imported and used as slaves.  thus, there is a tremendous Afro-Brazilian population here. 

today also happens to be the National Day of Samba.  we stumbled upon an outdoor concert with various Samba bands playing while the streets were literally full of people dancing to the music.  this city knows how to dance, and its bugging me that i can't do the same!  one uneventful thing that happened was that sarah and i were urinated on....yeah...we were sitting on a bench with a lovely old couple, when this woman comes up behinds us and sits there.  moments later, we felt a spray on all of our legs, and we proceeded to be grossed out, and left.  makes for a good story tho, eh?  i couldn't really do anything but laugh it off. 

foodwise, i've already treated myself to a delicious prawn chowder, and bread...for a whopping R$4, or CAD$2.  there was a combination of prawns, spices, onions, coconut milk, and the right amount of spice to top it off!  yeah, it was sooooo good.  the African influence here definitely brings the food to a whole different level.  i can't wait to try more.

so far, Salvador differs from the South because:
-almost all Afro-Brazilians
-warmer climate
-tastier food
-more historical
-very chill, laid back people so far

tomorrow, we'll sleep in, and take yet another easy day. 

love to you all

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if you look along the coast, you c…
if you look along the coast, you …