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our group! some are missing, but here are the most of us at our farewell dinner
today, we all handed in our final papers.  nearly an entire semester's worth full of work.  it felt..GOOD.  i definitely had mixed feelings though.  on the one hand, i was happy to be completed my field work and looked forward to travelling and enjoying Brazil without school.  and yet, on the other hand, i was saddened to think that i would no longer see the people i have grown so familiar with throughout the past semester.  goodbyes were said, and a few tears were shed by some of the gals, but all in all, i think im ready to head for the Northeast.

this fieldschool experience has been significant for me not only because of the places we visited and the things we did, but more importantly was the people that i met (both Brazilian and Canadian).  the friendships that i developed on this trip will, im sure, extend beyond the short time frame of this field school. 

my friend Sarah and i are ready to head for Salvador, Bahia in the Northeast of Brazil.  we are so excited and anticipate the different culture up there.  the food, the people, the music and all will be so different,  it will be great! 

as i close this short chapter of my life, i look back at it as yet another eye-opening, challenging experience where i learned an incredible amount about myself, and the world around me.  to those who were a part of this growth, i thank you, as always...

northeast, here i come!

rainbow says:
ps... i dont like this travel blog very much... its so hard to use for nonwebbies like me!! it keeps jumping back to the first post when i try to comment, click on pics, etc..

but nothing personal... i still like you

haha.. luv ya! =)
Posted on: Dec 01, 2006
rainbow says:
awww... exciting debs! congrats on finishing hte semester... im a food paper and a few food essays away still... lol. and exams. but have fun!! be safe! praying for you!
Posted on: Dec 01, 2006
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our group!  some are missing, but …
our group! some are missing, but…
my family of brothers and sister…
my "family" of brothers and siste…
Sarah and me..ready for the Northe…
Sarah and me..ready for the North…
photo by: joesu