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outside our hostel, the Pelourinho

hey all,

today was yet another beautiful day in Salvador.  despite the amount of sleep we got yesterday, sarah and i slept in till 12pm!  but, we had no worries cos we were on holiday.  we grabbed some lunch, and headed out to the city square.  sarah caught the attention of some hair braiders and ended up getting her hair braided.  it turned out really good, but it took three worries tho...again, i had nothing else to do, lol.

we spent most of our time people watching, actually.  im not one to do this normally, but each person that walks by is so interesting.  the sights and varieties of people you will see are unending...from the famous white-dressed Bahian women, to street children, to transgendered hair braiders, to priests on their cellphones, and everyone in between!

i did manage to get some great shots to show you folks at home how lovely this city is.

colourful buildings, Terreiro de Jesus
  after her hair, we grabbed a quick dinner, and then hit up another music show.  this time, it was the famous beats of Olodum, the famous Brazilian percussion band.  man, it was LOUD as throngs of men with drums beat the nite away. there were, yet again, loads of people enjoying themselves dancing and smiling.  

the streeets of Salvador are charming to me because there is music literally everywhere i go.  whether it's a live band playing formally for a group, or a small bunch of people playing on the side of the street, the streets are alive with music.  the smell of the moist air is always filled with something tasty...thankfully, not McDonalds  :)

my food for the day was....coconut ice cream.  it's better that i ever thought it would be.  folks, it's like someone grabbed a coconut from a tree, cracked it open, threw in a can of cream, shook it up, stuck it in the freezer and served it to me.  it was that fresh of a flavour.  im not sure if i'll be able to go home without it :(


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outside our hostel, the Pelourinho
outside our hostel, the Pelourinho
colourful buildings, Terreiro de J…
colourful buildings, Terreiro de …
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more colourful buildings, Terreir…
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sarah and her hair
sarah and her hair
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Olodum eardru…
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Olodum and a drum, of many
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