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Foz in Argentina: the white misty part on the left is where the speedboat brought us!
hey all,

it's been an intense week.  sorry for the delay in's not like me to not update for so long.  firstly, last week i received some devastating news about the sudden death of a fellow member of a club on campus that i am a part of.  he was only 20.  the news came as a shock to me.  even though i didn't know the guy well, my heart broke for his family, and needless to say, i was distraught for a couple of days.  with the help of a couple of friends here, and loads more back home (thank goodness for email!), i was able to pull myself back together again.  to quote John Mayer, "bad news never had good timing."  you could say i was reminded of the fragility of life, the unknown future, and what kind of purpose i have on earth.
Foz in Argentina
.. long busrides, never ending dark skies filled with stars,  vast lush green fields, reminded of nature, and creation, and how there is no doubt that there is more to life than we think we know. 

this past weekend, our class made a trip to Foz do Iguacu.  it's essentially the Niagara Falls of Brasil, but waaay more massive.  we visited Itaipu, a hydroelectric plant that is shared between Paraguay, Brasil.  it's considered one of the seven wonders of the modern world, and it was insanely huge.  it's like cleveland dam in north vancouver....but 100 times larger!!!   that same day, we went to go see the waterfalls on the Brasil side of Foz do Iguacu (shared by Argentina, and Brasil).  a small group of us were able to go white water rafting in Rio Iguacu.
view of Foz on hike in Argentina
  it was incredible.  rapids, waterfalls, and pristine nature surrounded us in our raft.  for the last kilometer, it was calm waters, so we got out of our raft and SWAM in the Rio Iguacu... i never imagined that this would be something i would ever do! 

the following day, we went to the Argentinian side of Foz do Iguacu (yes, i went to Argentina for the day!), and as my friend Becca back home said, the view is much better from Argentina.  we took a 45 minute hike thru the sub-tropical jungle that lead us to some amazing views of the falls.  we then got onto a mega speedboat, and rode INTO the falls!  considering there are TONS of falls everywhere, we went into what was known as the Garganta do Diablo, or the Devil's throat... take a look at the photos for more details.
L-R: Hayley, Michael, me; Foz in Argentina
  it was the perfect combination of humid air, and cool river water/mist.  we then again took a crazy ride down the same Rio Iguacu that we swam in the day before...with Brasil on our right hand side, and Argentina on our left. 

on our last day, a small group of us tried to make our way into Paraguay.  talk about the most slack border crossing...EVER.  we literally... walked right thru without being stopped.  cars were driving thru what looked like any other border crossing...but no one stopped us.  we spent a couple hours there, and you could instantly tell that you were in another country.  it was a fair bit dirtier, but i found the culture to be warmer in the short time that i was there.  being able to speaking spanish in both Argentina and Paraguay was a treat for the whole class as most of us are spanish speakers.
Hayley and I at Foz do Iguaçu in Argentina
..not Portuguese speakers. 

did i mention that we took a 10 hour busride there??  well, our busride home was...interesting.  when we were crossing a toll booth, i looked out my window and noticed that the cars next to us were pointing at something in our direction...with a shocked look.  i soon saw smoke emitting from the bus...right under my seat!  we told our prof who then told the bus driver.  we went for a few more kms before white clouds of smoke engulfed the bus.  we pulled over on the side of the highway, and couldnt see out because it was ALL WHITE!  then....our prof's wife yells "FUEGO!!" which means, "FIRE!!" in spanish.  we all booked it out of the bus, with our fleece blankets in hand...the bus wasnt really on was just smoking... we had to wait an extra 2-3 hours at a local restaurant before another bus came to pick us up...we arrived home in Curitiba at 3am....long trip!

that's all for now.  this week is full of schoolwork...paper due, and research.

will update more.


PS: it's official...i started capoeira (think Brasilian martial arts) body hurts, and i love it.
Jillybeans25 says:
hey Debbie! your pictures are amazing! waterfalls, rainbows and palm trees -- SO nice. it's getting colder here in BC. i could use some Brazil weather right about now. hope you are well. :)
Posted on: Oct 24, 2006
rainbow says:
soooo gorgeous!! thanks for sharing your adventures with us debs, great, good and not-so-good. glad you're having some time to reflect... will talk to you soon!!

bow =)
Posted on: Oct 23, 2006
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Foz in Argentina: the white misty …
Foz in Argentina: the white misty…
Foz in Argentina
Foz in Argentina
view of Foz on hike in Argentina
view of Foz on hike in Argentina
L-R: Hayley, Michael, me; Foz in A…
L-R: Hayley, Michael, me; Foz in …
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