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hey all

it´s been a pretty laid back couple of days, mainly because i am still sick, and a little weak to do much.  but yesterday, we had a little orientation about our time here.

we met at the language institute, CELIN, around 11am and headed to one of the UFPR (Federal University of Parana, or Universidade Federal do Parana) campuses located throughout the city, and sat in what seemed to be the Presidents office or some sort of round table discussion room.  it was sweet!  leather chairs, with large gallery photos or important people, and microphones for us to speak if we were in the UN Headquarters in New York or something!  we learned a bit more about the university, then headed off for almoçar, lunch!  UFPR is the first public university in all of Brazil, and has its campuses spread across the city...similar to SFU you could say.  Various disciplines hang out on one campus, while others in ...another campus. 

after lunch, we took a language assesment test, both written and oral to gauge our level of POrtuguese.  you´ll be happy to know that i am "normal" and will be in the normal class of people :)

this evening, our class will be heading to a futebol (soccer) game between a Brazilian team, and an Argentinian team! que bem!  im excited!  it´s funny how once im out of Vancouver, i can go to sporting games cos they´re actually affordable!  to this day, i still haven´t seen the Canucks live in action!

we have the remainder of the week off to work on our papers, get to know the city on our own, and take it easy before we start classes on Monday.  we´ll have Portuguese everyday from Mon-Thur, then lectures with Gerardo, our SFU prof on Mondays, and guest Brazilian lecturers on Wednesday.  packed schedule!

so far, the food experiences have been fun.  papaya here is unlike any i´ve ever had...and avocadoes are massive!  ours are normally the size of fists right??  apparently, i saw one that looked like a grapefruit, and my host-mom was saying "oh, that´s a small one!"  i have a pretty bad stomach ache today, so my host mom made me a ginger tea with cloves, cinnamon, and orange leaf honey! talk about tasty and happy for my stomach!

there is a HUGE European influence in Curitiba.  for example, there are many Germans, Ukrainians, Italians and Polish people who first settled here.  i met a Polish teacher at CELIN and told her that my good bud, Daga, taught me how to say "extra cheese please" in Polish -- ekstra ser prozche -- she was impressed!  the city is very modern, clean and no stray dogs yet!

oh yes, and my laptop is free!  for 3 reais, about $1.50 CAD, i was able to break open my lock, without cutting open my bag :)  yay.... 

pictures to come soon..  but for now, a little vocab.

oi = hi
bom dia = good morning
boa tarde = good afternoon
boa noite = good evening
obrigado/a = thank you
eu sou do Canada = im from canada
ate logo = see you soon
mais queijo por favor = more cheese please :)

alright friends, im off to read about Urban Renewal in Curitiba...then the game!

muito amor,

tinewen says:
mmm, turkey turkey. thanks dag!

i read your note when i was feeling sick yesterday, and smiled muchisimo! gracias a ti y Dunc para el regalito!!
Posted on: Oct 13, 2006
DetectiveDag says:
Glad to hear that you're safe and sound. Sorry to hear that your trip started off on a frustrated note.
Poland defeated Portugal to qualify for the next Euro Cup!!! Whooopah!

Blog away! Blog away!

Much love,


P.S. Happy belated thanksgiving. I doubt United Airlines provided you with a complimentary freshly roasted turkey with all the trimmings
Posted on: Oct 13, 2006
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