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my baby, harassed through the front passenger window...
hello all,

it still hasn't hit me that im flying off to Brazil on Monday morning....  a couple of things have snuck their way into my life that has distracted me somewhat from fully embracing this experience.  let me explain...

i'm sick.  yes, i've been battling a dry mouth for the past week and a half but earlier this week, i was hit with a killer sore throat, followed by coughing, and overall "ickiness".  the lack of sleep and running around because of school work hasn't helped either.  hopefully, i'll be able to recuperate this weekend as i load up on oranges, grapefruit, vitamin C, and Benylin! 

yesterday morning, i decided to skip class because i felt that resting up before my final Portuguese exam (later that day) would be a wise decision.  as i slowly crawled back into bed, my apartment manager called me.  somewhat dazed, i ignored it.  then i heard a buzz to my aparment...still, i ignored it.  it wasn't until she knocked on the door when it occured to me that "oh, maybe something's wrong."  i open the door, and was informed that my car was broken into, with glass smashed all around.  GOOD morning!  what can i say... every loves a Honda...!  while it was a huge bump in my day, i managed to make my way up to school, write the exam, come back down the hill, vacumn up pieces of glass everywhere, and drive home with one window open and my hoodie zipped up to the max! (hood was also covering my head for extra warmth).

it was nice to go home and see my parents though.  although it was short, there's something about having mom and dad around when you're feeling gross.  my dad drove me to go get medicine, and my mom made me a big pot of asian "white fungus." yeah..i know it sounds disgusting, but it's the asian herbs for ya!  (ma, bring some more with you on sunday!)

so... all this prior to my trip...what else is next?

bring it on, Brazil, here i come!

Jacmert says:
Ai ya! I didn't know your car got broken into!

Take care as you zoom off. I'm gonna try to (remember to) call you tomorrow before you go!
Posted on: Oct 08, 2006
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my baby, harassed through the fron…
my baby, harassed through the fro…
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