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hey all

soo, you remember how i sai "bring it on" in my last if more things could go wrong prior to my trip?? well... sit back, and get ready for the rollercoaster with me...

i write to you from my host sister´s, Katia, computer.

when i found out earlier this year that we were booked with United Airlines...i was a little bummed...but now i can say, i will never travel on United again!  im pretty easy to please when it comes to travelling...but seriously...with no legroom, no food, cramped seating which resulted in little to no sleep, stale dry air and rude american service as we travelled to "the naaaations caaaapital" (with a harsh american accent!), United Airlines can bite me.  when we finally DID get food on the second flight, it was a nasty subtitute for what they call meat, and some bad cheese....and im a wierdo who normally loves airplane food!  meh, that aside, i hacked my way (cos im still sick, on antibiotics!) all the way to Sao Paulo.  we arrive SP...after a 9 hour overnite flight....when what do you know.... United misplaced one of my baggages.  the ENTIRE class had to wait for me while i was informed that my second luggage was misrouted to Chicago from Vancouver, instead of Washington.  about an hour and a bit later, i get my bag, and we're on our way to immigration.  next, we check into the local airline that will fly us to Curitiba when i am then informed that my ticket says that i am only allowed to bring 23kilos with me on the plane!  they were asking me to pay to bring my other luggage on board!!  i proceeded to say "uhhh, but all these people here who just go thru are my friends who ALSO have 2 pieces!" to which she responded "ok, i can see you are an international may go...."  im waiting at the gate, and want to open my computer....the lock on my bag is now busted! i can´t unlock my bag!  my laptop is held captive in there till now as i am writing to you.  the dials on the lock have come loose from the track and i can´t spin the lock open...sweeet.  time to find a hammer i guess!  so´s been fun so far. 

i had a lovely time with my host mom Lidia, and sis Katia today.  but we´re all really tired and they´re both already in i must go...cos i have to be at school tomorrow morning.

by the way, Curitiba is a beautiful city.  it´s extremely clean, no stray dogs, even pavement, and the air is fresh!  the weather is like Vancouver in the spring!  so i lucked hot weather!  i can´t wait to see more tomorrow...

more adventures to come, im sure

Jacmert says:
Posted on: Oct 12, 2006
Jacmert says:
Oh no!
to Jill: I guess they thought she was a domestic traveller, or something.
to Debbie: Oh no! I didn't know you were sick! I hope you get better soon. And find a way to liberate your laptop.
- Paulman
Posted on: Oct 12, 2006
tinewen says:
hey jill!
yes, i DID end up getting a new camera, so i´ll be posting pics real soon :)
Posted on: Oct 12, 2006
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