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boarding the ferry
hey all

alright, so...  we have about one week left in the Field School, and as you might be able to guess...we are BUSY!  many of us are scrambling to complete our final interviews with informants, write up our paper, and prepare for a presentation of our field work for this coming Monday and Tuesday.  needless to say, we are stressed to the max, and not to mention wanting this to end as soon as possible, and yet not, cos then we will all go our separate ways, and life in the Field School with each other everyday will be over (wow, long sentence!) 

but amidst this intense period, we managed to take our last class trip to Ilha do Mel (Honey Island) and i must say, it was well needed and thoroughly enjoyed!  Ilha do Mel is off the coast of Parana.
arriving at Ilha do Mel...beautiful!
  takes about 2 hours to get to the coast by van.  we then took a ferry boat, but it was more like a motorized putt putt boat.  imagine an island empty of cars, where the main form of transportation is by foot or bicycle...this was Ilha do Mel.  we got off the "ferry" and hiked for about 20 minutes before arriving at our "pousada" - a sort of B&B that are plentiful here in Brasil.  we got to stay at what seemed like THE best pousada on the island as it was RIGHT on the waterfront, and empty of tourists.  folks, im not joking when i say that we shared the entire beach of Praia Grande (Big Beach) with no more than 10 other people... all at different times.  at one point, i brought out a chair to have some down time on the beach by myself...and had the entire beach to myself!  it was surreal to have the Atlantic stretching forever infront of me all by myself.
walking to the pousada
  this was by far, the best trip for me.  Foz and Rio were gargantuous trips in terms of hitting some must-see places in Brazil, Ilha do Mel filled my "i have arrived in Brasil" gap in my heart.  the weather was warm, the people were warm, the food was warm, it was all, just perfect.  unfortunately, we had to return to Curitiba to finish our work...which we currently are scrambling to do! 

hopefully all will go well!

brief things i'd like to elaborate on more but don't have time...sorry if there are repeats, can't remember if i already talked about some of them -- events in November:
  • went to a Black Eyed Peas concert, and had the time of my life.
    group shot
    ..who knew i'd enjoy their music!
  • during various interviews, Brasilians were very warm with us..and kept on saying everyone we passed in the hallways (of the school) "meet my Canadian friend!  she is studying Communications!"
  • visited a posh, private university, and then UFPR, a public university..drastic differences in terms of quality of education, respect for professors, and facilities.  let's just say that even tho UFPR has nasty bathrooms, i'd opt to study there, instead of a private university.
  • i love Canada.  when people here that i am Canadian, the conversation about multiculturalism comes up.  our group has had many opportunities to talk about how Canada celebrates different cultures as evidenced through education, programming, cultural communities within large cities, etc.
    cool, eh?
      of the 12 of us, only 4 were born in Canada and "look" Canadian (as Brasilians would say).  the rest of us were born in other countries but fully identifiy ourselves as Canadian.  we made a "Canada Day" presentation in Portuguese for a group of Koreans learning Portuguese (let me tell you, that is WEIRD! talking to Koreans in Portuguese....!) and made french toast, and managed to find maple syrup!  everyone loved it!  and we shared more about our beautiful country. 
  • my travelmate and i booked our trip for the Northeast, and can't wait!  travelling minus the studying... oh, we'll need the break after the paper is handed in!
  • i love sugar cane juice...and lime.
love to you all

tinewen says:
Jill! yeah, i think one of the BEP's are Filipino cos they mentioned it during the concert too! Snow at SFU? NUTS! i went online to check the webcam that they have posted in the Convo Mall and Parking, but didn't see any snow...

more beach pictures to come, im sure.

and yes, will hook up when im back :)
Posted on: Nov 24, 2006
Jillybeans25 says:
hey Debbie! I miss you! Again, I'm envious of your pictures on the beach. It actually snowed up at SFU today for a bit. Wasn't sticking though. I don't mind the Black Eyed Peas. They have that 'Filipino' song. Lol. I also like how multicultural Canada is too. Go 1st generation Canadians! :) Anyway, you better call me when you get back, K? Enjoy your last week and the sun!
Posted on: Nov 23, 2006
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boarding the ferry
boarding the ferry
arriving at Ilha do Mel...beautifu…
arriving at Ilha do Mel...beautif…
walking to the pousada
walking to the pousada
group shot
group shot
cool, eh?
cool, eh?
view from our pousada
view from our pousada
me watching Patrick do capoeira...…
me watching Patrick do capoeira..…
this is the second time this garba…
this is the second time this garb…
photo by: joesu