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And so i was leaving home again. the last couple of days had been hectic, running around, sorting things out, getting and forgetting stuff i might need, packing.

I asked a friend of mine to give me a lift to the train station , so that mym mum and sister could come too. Trians from Saint-Petersburg to Moscow run at least a dozen times a day , so it is not a big deal and you can hardly see anyone being seen off. Mum made a fuss though, checked my bed and looked suspiciously at my neighbours.

When the train started moving, i sat next to the window and could see them walking along, waving. rhis second it occured to me that i wont see those faces for another year or so.

So my route was SPb to Moscow by train, then a flight to Irkutsk and after a 20 hour stop over there, another flight t Beijing.

We were arriving to Moscow at 9.53 and i knew mum had called one of my numerous uncles  - uncle Borya - to meet me.

I heard him before seeing. Yuo see, we are all quiet loud in our family and it progresses with the age, so Borya, being 70, is a good example of a noisy Russian old man. He is still wearing a hat i remember from when i was four and makes remarks like :" oh, look at those plumpy cheecks of yours! you gained weight, didnt you??", but he is a dear otherwise.

- " Oh, Julia, heer you are, sweetheart, hurry up, all the people are already leaving the carriage, even that lady in red (sharp look in her direction), that pushed me twice!" -  he shouted from the other end of the wagon.

After some more refreshing pushing in the Moscow underground (these people can't even build it big enough for all those crowds!!!, and they call themselves a capital, my god!!), we got to their flat ,where aunt Raya was waiting in a new apron with a  served table.

Uncle Borya prides himself on drinking his own homemade alcohol and being able to survive independently without shop supplies. He has got a home brewery and an alcohol making mashine, where you put water, sugar and god knows what and through many operations and numerous tries, finally get 90% strong liquor ( the more tries -  the better). I had to try one with pomegranate and one with cherry. Nice stuff, if a bit too strong to my taste, and i am sure if we are back in Moscow, Phil will enjoy a shot or two.

I dont like Moscow too much, you see. It is too crowded and corrupt, too noisy and impersonal to me. When i come here, i try to spend as less time as possible in the centre. It was raining as well, so the day was spent watching my last for this year Russian talk show, and i cant say i will miss it too much:)

In the evening i took a convenient express train, that leaves from Paveletskaja metro station, takes 45 minutes (no stops) and takes you directly to the Domodedovo terminal for 6 USD, while taxi drivers will try to charge over a hundred! Had some time to look around and watch people passing by, all in their own  thoughts, with their stories, with someone probably waiting for them somewhere, before around nine was asked onboard.


huibdos says:
I Love reading this (kind of inside) stories.
I think I would love your uncle Borya, we could drink and play chess, and I would loose:)
Posted on: Jul 20, 2009
mybu84 says:
To Dodge :
all uncles seem a bit the same, dont they??:)
this is something i love about big families - there is always someone to help you wherever you are, and someone to tell about and smile:)
Posted on: May 03, 2008
mybu84 says:
thank you, Sylvia!!!
my mum can't read english unfortunately, but ikeep her updated through the mails.
i plan to download some pictures soon,but as i havent got my own camera (believe itor not), it willbe pix taken by my friend who was seeing me off:)
Posted on: May 03, 2008
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