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As we travel further the south, the bridges start to become longer and more impressive until we reach the big one... Millau. For a mere €6.80 you can drive across the newly constructed Viaduc de Millau(View the real-time webcam of the bridge here). Before crossing we stopped in the service area. The service area, still under construction, consisted of a stopping point to get a view of the bridge and of the town of Millau, a tourist information office, and couple of blocks of toilets. These toilets were unlike the toilets of good old GB. There were some sort of mutant toilet that appear to involve squatting.
Facilities at Millau
We were luck that the disabled toilets had the type of bowl we were used to.
While Nick and Anna have a rest, me and Kerry feel energetic and we climb to the top of a huge steep hill to the view point. The path up to the view point isn't finished and gravel on a hill isn't a good idea. More than once we nearly fell flat of our backs. The steps they have built out of railway sleepers are very steep with no hand rails. Very dangerous. We make it to the top, take a couple of pictures, see an eagle (or what looks like an eagle) and head back down to ground level, and set off across the bridge towards the southern coast.

Heading down through the mountains, we play a game of "Holding Your Breath While Travelling Through A Tunnel", which is immense fun unless you're driving and going dizzy through lack of oxygen. We leave the M75 near Montpellier and park up on a retail park outside of a DIY store in order to consult the camping books for a place to stay the night. As we sit, we get a few funny looks from people who we assume are wondering why a car fully of englishmen (and englishwomen) are sitting in a DIY store carpark in southern France. Just as one of comments that there are probably no other British people anywhere near this place, a car with the GB stick pulls past in the carpark and gives us a wave. We decide that tonight we will stay in the seaside resort of Valras-Plage and head off in that direction.
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Facilities at Millau
Facilities at Millau
photo by: polvandenwirre