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After a reasonable nights sleep at Camping L'€urope, our first campsite of the trip, we have a cup of coffee made on the camping stove, a shower and start to pack up.

Feeling peckish we head up to the bar area in a hunt for food. Unfortunately, the only food we can see on the menu is either pizza or hamburgers. After a failed attempt of asking for breakfast(in french), we all have a glass of orange juice and sit watching the other campers in and around the pool. When I say watching, this involved the Anna and Kerry pointing out and commenting on/complaining about all of the men around the pool in tight swimming trunks. This doesn't last long (neither did our drinks). We head back to the car, finish packing up, and head on our way. We still have a lot of travelling to do.

We pull out the village but after only a few miles we stop and allow Kerry and Anna to visit La Ferme Saint-Nectaire.

This is a farm/breeding centre for kangaroos, llamas and other furry rat type creatures. For 40 minutes they looked around the farm while Nick read his Dave Courtney book and I paced back and forth a lot, and went for a 3 minute run (not sure why... just felt a bit energetic).
We left the farm in the hunt for some food as we were still hungry. First we stop at a supermarket. This contains only some ignorant french people who will not give way to us in the ailse and allow us past. After 5 minutes getting lost, we finally find the exit and get on our way again. The next stop is a bit more successful. We pull over a the village of Champeix, where I do some of my worst parking ever and take up two parking bays and half of the pavement. However when I say successful, I mean for the second day running we get croissants and pan au chocolat from the local pâtisserie/boulangerie.
We were starting to get the feeling that this may be our diet for the rest of the time we were going to spend in France.

We finch our pastries and get back onto the road, stopping at a local garage to fill up, and then onto the A75 towards the south coast of France. The scenery on the A75 is beautiful. The road travels through le Parc National des CĂ©vennes, up and down the hills and mountains. At one pont the road is over 1170m above see level. The views across the valleys are spectacular. As the road climb and descend steeply I break Nick's coasting record by doing 4 miles in neutral at speeds of 70mph. I could have gone further but my nerves got the better of me and decided it was better if I had full control of the car. We also see our first rain of the day. High in the mountains the car and road gets drenched. This does not deter the french drivers though.
They happily power on at 80+mph (sorry 130+kmph, I forgot France is metric). In the distance we see some impressive forked lightning and wonder if this was going to be set in for the day. However we are proven wrong as the sun comes out and the temperatures start to rise swiftly and we enjoy the eerie sight of the water evaporating from the trees in the valleys to produce rising clouds of steam.


..... continued

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photo by: bernard69