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Breakfast! I did not feel very well - so I just had tea and some juice!
Now the locals on the bus said " dont go out after dark" due to gangs going around the streets - and us being easy targets - it was best if we stayed in after dark - Well of course we arrived after dark! Only got some cookies for dinner - too scared to go out - Next morning we decided to find some breakfast - I wasnt feeling so good - so didnt really want much - found a small cafe that served breakfast - I had some orange juice and tea - thats all I could face - after breakfast we decided to go for a walk round the city and ended up in the central park area - quite peaceful and relaxed/friendly area - bought a T shirt. A few military police around but after having them around in El Salvador we were pretty used to this by now. BANG BANG! - You know .
.. that sounds like gunshots - My brother was curious what was going on so went to have a look - alomg with alot of the park ! I wanted to leave but he wanted to take a look - so he leaves me hiding behind a tree while he wanders off to look - Hmmm suddenly the whole crowd in front of me started running - something was up - now they are all running towards me - my brother had said stay where I am - great! So try and hide behind this tree and see if I can blend in - My brother comes back and the crowd seemed to relax - now curiosity killed the cat - lets go - No my brother still wants to see whats going on - back for another look leaving me behind my tree - Suddenly my brother comes back running - lets get out of here he says - so we leave - quickly - what was going on I asked him - He saw some tanks with water cannons coming round the corner so decided to leave! Took a taxi to the bus station ready for the next trip stage - helicopters flying around - still not sure whats happening - caught the bus to San Pedro Sula.  
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Breakfast! I did not feel very wel…
Breakfast! I did not feel very we…
Parque Central
Parque Central
photo by: Biedjee