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Because our colleagues in San Salvador were worried about us - they had phoned ahead to friends in San Miguel to ask them to look after us when we arrived and arrived with the whole family inc 5 kids - super people and really lovely welcome. They showed us some parts of San Miguel but recommened us not to take the cameras - so not many pictures from this bit of the trip. We found this "lovely" 4 star hotel for our stay - wow great price 2.50 us dollars - bargain! Ahhh now we can see why its cheap - getting back from our nice pizza hut meal we arrived at the hotel ..... we took the left over pizza with us for breakfast and retired for the night - I had a great mosquito net - I had brought this from Germany - not sure how to put this up .

Four Star Hotel - room for only $ 2.50 / night - plus wildlife!!!!!!
.. ahhh hang it off the TV wall mount - No TV - that was extra!"  Too expensive - another dollar for a TV mannnn! How to secure the net - ahhh Helmuts swimming trunks - great! OUr high class room has air con - only it sounds like a Bell Helicopter landing in the room full of soldiers! great - lets leave it off and sweat - at least we get some sleep - loevly warm sticky humid! Our quality room only has one bed - now I dont want to tell the world I shared a bed with my brother so I wont say any more - Hey whats going on - that lovely mosquito net is all over my face - ohhh super! what a nice place!

Next morning I woke up and in my half sleepy state look up ... Hmm whats that! Something big... hairy..... and only a few cms from Helmuts face .... lucky on the outside of the net ..... URGHH SPIDER!!!!  And not alittle one either ... now how to wake up Helmut ... who is NOT a morning person .... without getting eaten - I didnt know if this thing was poisonous or not .. so I just said ... "ohh ho" amd suddenly Helmut was wide wake and knew something was wrong! So how to get the spider from getting us! - I managed to jump out and wrap that mosquito net that was laying all over me - around the spider - GOTCHA! Now - what to dow ith the spider !  Here I am at 0500 in the morning - with a scarily big spider in a net - whahh! Helmut then got up and we tipped the spider into... yes that Pizza Hut pizza box! GOTCHA! Ohh the pizza was still in there - so no breakfast pizza now! ... Helmut goes for the door to let the spider out but the spider has other ideas and escapes out the corner of the box and lands on the floor - now the spider is not happy and starts jumping round the floor and when I say jump I mean really JUMP and starts trying to get Helmut! No shoes Helmut better run!"  So now its Helmut versus the spider! How to fight back ... yep hit the sipder with the Pizza box - including the pizza - then jump on the box for good meaure - yuk now no pizza and a messy spider to deal with! And now we are both WIDE awake!!!! what a great start to the day! 

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Four Star Hotel - room for only $ …
Four Star Hotel - room for only $…
San Miguel
photo by: koala