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on the west coast of koh pha gnan we stayed at Grand Sea Resort... which is a very nice actual resort Resort, not like the cheaper places we've been staying at so far.. i prefer the more rugged places, makes me feel like a real backpacker, but this place was definitely a touristing place... it had a pool.  anyways on this side of the island we basically just hung out by the pool most of the time.  the big full moon party was interesting, im not really into 12000 person beach raves but since everyone else was going, i figured what the hell.  the party started at midnight the day of the full moon and lasts all day, then theres the afterparty, i only made it till like 7am though. anyways that was two days ago and im still recovering, so you get the idea.  theres a wicked english pub just down the road from our resort, been eating there everynight for the past 4 days, its just like the pubs back home, which is a very weird feeling.  tomorrow morning we're heading into the interior of southern thailand, khao sok... which is deep in the jungle... i bought my 95% DEET today, should get the job done.  ill try and post some more pics on fbook soon

side note: my buddy scott just lent me a book called "The Damage Done," by Warren Fellows, it tells his story of how he got caught exporting drugs out of thailand and sentenced to life in prison... the thai prisons in bangkok are described as pretty much pure hell... the thai's are so strict in there punishment its unreal... i recommend you giver a read
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Koh Phangan
photo by: alanmica