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 wow time flies here. im already almost 2 weeks into my trip! so the big party i was talking about in my last entry turned out to be a ladyboy cabaret... apparently the girls thought it would be funny. it was basically just nasty looking ladyboys singing crappy songs like "dancing queen" and whatnot. so me and the boys said F that about 30 seconds in.  and headed over to the Green Mango club, which is this huge roofless club which apparently had different music playing at each corner of the club.. but at this point i was a bit too tipsy to notice, long story short... i ended up riding backto the guesthouse on the back of some thai guys scooter.  i dont even think it was a taxi scooter i think it was just some random guy trying to make a buck on his way home from work haha. good times.  anyways the next night we took a ferry out to the islands of Koh Ang Thong.. and i have to say this place was unbelievable, its a national park so people arent allowed to stay on the islands overnight, but our group got an exception so we were the only people staying on the 42 islands for two days (except for a few thais running the restaurant and bungalows), i played some guitar in front of the group with this thai guy named Gon, he was one of those guys thats good at absolutely everything, he did the spinning firesticks and stuff.  the whole group went for a dip in the ocean that night and i experienced phosphorescence for the first time.. it was absolutely amazing, when you move around in the water you disturb the plankton and they glow  in the water so there are trails of sparkles everywhere you move.  these islands only had power for 4 hours a day and running water for 6 hours i think, so that definitely took some getting used to.  i did a few hikes on koh ang thong, one cave hike that took us into this massive cave and on that took us to a viewpoint where you could see most of the other islands of koh ang thong, the hikes here are extremely sketchy, you need to hang onto a rope most of the time to keep moving up because they are very steep.. (i have a few pics of the cave and viewpoint up on my fbook as well as others by the way).  and after the second night we took a ferry back over to koh samui...

side note: the toilet situation here in thailand is an interesting one, instead of "shit-tickets" (TP), they use "bum guns" which is like a kitchen sink type sprayer that you use to clean yourself, at first it was a bit rough but ive gotten used to it and have to say one day i hope the rest of the world converts to bum guns because its just so much better, one of my group leaders actually installed one in his house back in canada

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Koh Samui
photo by: realrv6