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after what seemed like 2 week flight (stops in seattle and seoul, south korea, and very little leg room for the vertically gifted) i landed in bangkok. the flight went surprisingly smoothly, no problems getting my backpack from the baggage claim or anything (although apparently i look dangerous in my shorts and tshirt since customs picked me for the random 10 minute security check).  everyone im travelling with is very chill. 15 girls, 7 guys all around 20-25... a decent ratio if i say so myself.  we landed in bangkok at around midnight monday morning and all had a few drinks at the bar in our guesthouse and started to get to know one another.  monday was a rather eventful day, we checked out a temple (wat pho) which seemed to have gold plated everything and a 46ft gold statue of reclining Buddha, then we took a tuk tuk ride ( 3 wheeled mini taxis that can safely carry 2 people (but we managed 5)) over to a massage parlour to get a round of thai massages.  the traffic in bangkok is absolutely insane, like you have to see it to believe it.  there seems to be no traffic laws and the tuk tuks and motorcycles weave through all the cars at high speed.  the massage was interesting, not sure if it was good or bad.   then we checked out bangkoks tallest building (with a revolving bar) and got a glimpse of how huge (and air polluted) this city is.  the food is pretty good here, the pad thai is amazing (fried noodles with egg/chicken/whatever you want).  the part of bangkok we stayed in was sort of a backpackers hangout, so it was a really relaxed atmosphere.  monday night we went down to khao sahn road which is the main party road from what i hear in bangkok, and our whole group went to Bangkok Bar, which was a pretty cool club with live/dj music.  of course me and a couple guys stopped by the 7/11 mix up some drinks on the way there (mickeys of sangsom thai whiskey was the alcohol of choice, with red bull and coke.. the red bull here is way more concentrated then the stuff back home and comes in medicine type small brown bottles).  they sell a mickey of sangsom, bottle of red bull, and a coke in "buckets" which are like sand pails and go for about $8, (one of these buckets can easily get one bouncing off the walls in no time). soooo, that turned out to be a fun night.  for some reason i never manage to get hangovers in humid hot places (been to mexico too... no hangovers) probably because its so fricken hot here you sweat half the alcohol out before it hits your stomach.  anyways tuesday we took a tuk tuk out to MBK (huge mall with lots of cheap cheap clothes and stuff, like $3 Element tshirt cheap) and basically just hung out around the guesthouse.  then that night we took an 11hour night "sleeper" train (seats fold out into beds... in which we sleep) to the south to suratthani, which was alright (although most things in this country seem to be made for the comfort of the average 5' thai), passed most of the time on the train drinking and hanging out with the others.......
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photo by: Deats