Water Festival day and invited out to dinner by 3 lovely men.

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Silver Market Kathmandu



March 10th 1990.


Water festival day, and invited out to dinner by three lovely men!

We were all up bright an early in preparation for the Water festival Day, I think the name was Songram Day but I could be wrong there, I was all decked out in my new bright red T-shirt and equally bright purple trousers ready to be soaked and painted by the young people of Kathmandu.

this is me in my colourful outfi, I am at Chitwan in this photo
Sharon decided not to come along as she is too sick, but Eric, John, Dave and Julie and I headed in to the Thamel area of Kathmandu. Apparently the Nepali people really like bigger plumper ladies so I got most of the water and was soon soaked and streaked all over in paint but filled with so much laughter and joy I ended up gathering up some paint, little tubes of it were scattered all over the street, and water of my own to daub the young lads of my choice which really set them to the run squealing all the way! What a laugh the morning was. Did some more shopping; Kathmandu really is a shopper’s paradise there is just about everything you could possibly want among all the junk and odd stuff. I bought two little locks shaped like animals made of solid brass, the tail of the animal hooked around to form the locking devise, I shall use them on my luggage.

It is noticeable in the city that there is some kind of uprising against the King of Nepal, trouble is brewing, we could all feel the atmosphere and there are Policemen armed with big guns, not pistols, standing all around the Temples in Dunbar Square, we are hoping that real trouble does not break out while we are here.

vegetable market Kathmandu.
The King, is all-powerful in this country, he controls everything. Or he did at that time. (The King and most of his family, has since been assassinated by his own family member many years after I was in the country)

For lunch we had a real treat of huge slices of Chocolate cake with real coffee • no more Yak butter stuff for us. There are lots of cake sellers.

 Back to the Hotel for a hot shower and clean dry clothes, I spend the afternoon with Sharon, just keeping her company, we both read a little and chattered.

 Eric, Dave and John have asked, just me, out to dinner this evening at the Sunkosi restaurant where they serve Tibetan food. How wonderful to be asked out by the three of them. I dressed up a little for such an occasion, when the time came to leave it was teaming with rain with thunder and lightning, we were so lucky, out Nepali Guide Chering just happened to be leaving the hotel at the same time and offered us a ride in his car, which we gratefully accepted.

The food was great tasting but only small portions and expensive, but I hardly noticed what I was eating as I was having the time of my life, out with three lovely men, I was so happy, there was never a dull moment, we talked about so many interesting things from all around the world. One very interesting thing we saw was a couple of Nepali businessmen dining, out using only their fingers to eat and only the fingers of their right hands, deftly tearing pieces of chicken apart into tiny mouthful size pieces, you want to give it a try sometime, we all did but with no success at all. You have to hold the chunk of chicken using your thumb and one finger then use two other fingers to pull small pieces off, they were so neat and made no mess at all, but we couldn’t! Years of practice I guess.

Then we all walked home together to the Hotel; thankfully the rain has now stopped. I could hardly wait to tell Sharon all about our wonderful evening, hopefully I brightened the evening a little for her as she is very ill, the Doctors think she has Giardia from the water, but it could be the dreaded Delhi Belly we have all laughed about up til now.

 I went to bed dreamily, wondering what I had been doing all my life; I had never been out with three men before, what fun I have been missing out on.

What a wonderful day.

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Silver Market Kathmandu
Silver Market Kathmandu
this is me in my colourful outfi, …
this is me in my colourful outfi,…
vegetable market Kathmandu.
vegetable market Kathmandu.
photo by: sharonburgher