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Machapuchre Fish Tail Mountain at dawn.


March 15th 1990.

Rhino hunting on Elepant back.

Sharon and I awoke very early, and even though we have to be up quite early for another bus trip, from Lake Fewa to Chitwan, decided to leap out of bed and go up onto the roof to see if we could get some good photos of the sunrise and the mountains.

On top of the world in Nepal.

Wow, it was so pretty up there on the roof, the Himalayas just looked stunning, Sharon took my photo up there and I have to say it’s the best photo I have even had taken. I said to her, “I feel sort of strange, maybe it’s the altitude or maybe I am coming down with something, but I feel all light headed and kind of bubbly, like there is champagne in my veins.” She just smiled gave me a hug and said you know I recon your just happier than you’ve been in a long time” and do you know what, I recon she is right!

We hurried down to breakfast with all the others and to board the bus for Chitwan. Was sorry to leave such a happy pleasant place, although I enjoyed the bus trip to Chitwan too, Nepal is such a pretty country, I sat with Eric, which was so nice, I couldn’t believe my luck!

Arrived at the Elephant Camp in the Royal Chitwan National Park and we went almost straight out to the elephants, which transported Sharon and I and Promod the Nepalise guide out into the jungle in search of White Rhino.

the beautiful Himalayas
The three of us were all snuggled up together very closely on a little cushion, with me in the front desperately clinging to the strap that was tied tightly around the elephant and sometimes I grabbed to the mahout who was sitting almost on the poor beasts ears. As we went charging along through the jungle I often thought all three of us just might slide right off the back end of the elephant and be lost for ever trampled underfoot of all the elephants charging along behind us with all the others on board! But it was such a fun ride I think I laughed all the way!

We managed to find 5 Rhino and got really close to them too, they are so huge, but our elephant is bigger and taller so we were safe. When we got back some of the others in our party said they knew I was out there as the whole jungle rang with my laughter! I decided to take it as a compliment, its quite nice to be known by your laugh, perhaps I should laugh more often.

Mahout,me and Sharon on our elephant Chiwan Park

Back at Camp Sharon and I had to settle for a cold shower in the dark, as there is no electricity. We had a lovely communal meal by candlelight, then Dave, Eric, Sharon and I grabbed a spare lantern and took off on a night walk, very intrepid hunter stuff, but we quickly got spooked by odd noises and rustlings in the bushes, so had to rush back to the safety of our room, where we all sat around and talked for hours by the glimmer of the lantern and the glow of the mosquito coil under the beds. These are huts are traditionally built, quite snug and cosy, all made of twigs and straw, no windows, with a thatched roof which is home to numerous spiders and insects and probably rodents, the whole area is alive with mosquitos and is the very reason all of us are taking our malaria tablets daily, we all take great care not to be bitten more than can be helped. My Doctor gave me a special waxy roll on type of repellent stuff, which you can push right up in the tube and it perfumes the air nicely and keeps the blighters at bay, it kept us all safe.

Ah the Rhino spotted by us and the boys on their elephant.
This stuff is so good and not expensive I shall advertise it here for you all, no one should travel without it; it is REPEL made by Apex, Super stick insect repellent, seems to be made in New Zealand or at least distributed here from a Nelson based company, so maybe it might be hard to find overseas.

Eric did most of the talking during the evening telling us all about himself, he is very relaxed now and happy to tell us all about his being a psychiatrist,though he said he usually doesn't tell his travel companions, and also a Dr running a small free clinic for the under privileged one day a week in Quebec. I rather like him. The boys left very late so Sharon and I slept real well.

I think we are to go Tiger hunting tomorrow, wow the things we do!

reikunboy says:
sounds like a great day
Posted on: Jul 14, 2008
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Machapuchre Fish Tail Mountain at …
Machapuchre Fish Tail Mountain at…
On top of the world in Nepal.
On top of the world in Nepal.
the beautiful Himalayas
the beautiful Himalayas
Mahout,me and Sharon on our elepha…
Mahout,me and Sharon on our eleph…
Ah the Rhino spotted by us and the…
Ah the Rhino spotted by us and th…
One of the big Rhinos
One of the big Rhinos
another from the top of Crystal Ho…
another from the top of Crystal H…
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