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Colourful, Woolly Sherpa Hats hanging outside a knit wear stall.


March 12th 1990.


Today is our last free day together in Kathmandu, some of the group are due to leave to go treking in the mountains and some new people are due to join our group this evening, most of us decide to make the most of it, after another of our big breakfasts a large group of us walked in to Thamel area of the city.

Money Changers where several of our party stopped of.
(We all decided we might as well not worry too much about the unrest the locals feel towards the King, we all felt the animosity was not directed at tourists. A 'what will be will be' sort of philosophy) Once there I decided to buy another lovely jersey for myself, everybody stopped off at different stalls or moneylenders, and bought things so we gradually lost one another along the way. I stopped off to buy earrings for my daughter, Sharon helped me select a good pair, she bought some too, and when we wandered back out onto the street the entire large group had wandered off. Not to worry Sharon and were quite happy to spend the rest of the day together, we once again visited the Kamari’s house but she wasn’t to be seen again, then we spun the prayer wheels in the Square and sat on the temple steps, before managing to get completely lost in the narrow streets of the city. At no time did we see any or have any problems with the local people, might just be a quiet day for the rioters, but we did have lots of folk siddle up to us and ask if they could change money for us or would we maybe like to buy some nice hashish or someother interesting drug of choice - ofcause we didn't!

 We stopped to have a nice lunch together, along the way, mainly of sweet goodies that the city is so good at making.

Bicycle rickshaws.
Then gradually worked our way back to the Shangrilla Hotel, not so difficult now that we know some of the landmarks. We made ourselves coffee, using Sharon’s little immersion heater to boil the water and lazed around peacefully writing our diaries up, I then wrote a letter home and Sharon went out to find some of the others who were finding their way back to the hotel.

Pretty soon the phone rang, and an invitation arrived to go out to dinner again with Eric, Dave and John,  I accepted for both Sharon and myself. We left for the restaurant, of Eric’s choice again from his Lonely Planet, in a taxi, but the taxi driver pretended he didn’t understand where we wanted to go and drove us instead to the restaurant of his choice, presumably where he got a pay-off from for bringing unsuspecting guests! We were some distance from the other place and hungry, so we had no choice but to dine at Nepali Kitchen. We found the food was not much good, too hot and spicy for our tastes and far too expensive. Still ofcause we enjoyed eating out together. Afterwards we thought we might walk back, but as it seemed a long way Eric and I decided to hire a bicycle rickshaw we saw parked up under some trees. We had to wake the driver who was curled up on the seat asleep with his wife and a couple of tiny children, we felt quite bad about disturbing the family, but they were quite ok with huddling under the tree with an old blanket around them while Mr bicycle rickshaw man pedalled us back to the hotel. The seat was so narrow and made of slippery well-used leather with no ends pieces on it, so Eric and I with our larger western backsides had to hold tightly to each other so as not to slide right off • well at least that’s our story! Actually I have no idea how the driver, his wife and the kids managed to sleep on such a small seat, we think they were living in the rickshaw as it had a nice cover over the top rather like the old prams used to have, to protect them all from the weather.

What fun that ride was we laughed all the way back then set about ringing room service for coffee and some scrumptious desserts • at midnight, so decadent and so lovely. Later, the others, who had also found a rickshaw, eventually, joined us. They made it back in time to feast on the goodies we had ordered.

We all agreed that Kathmandu was a great place to be.

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Colourful, Woolly Sherpa Hats hang…
Colourful, Woolly Sherpa Hats han…
Money Changers where several of ou…
Money Changers where several of o…
Bicycle rickshaws.
Bicycle rickshaws.
photo by: sharonburgher