Lake Fewa, Pokara.

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Tibetan refugees living in a cave.


March 14th 1990.

Lake Fewa, Pokara.

We had to be up early again, by 6.30am, as we were to be having a great tour up into the mountains to meet Sherpa people and Tibetan refugees plus other great adventures, but more importantly to me we were going to see Yaks, those great big smelly beasts whose wool Eric now wore on his back in the sort of shape of a jersey.

But our mountain tour was not to be; the rain was just teeming down making such a journey far to dangerous.

A pretty corner of Lake Fewa
But the group didn’t worry we decided to walk around the lake, where it was raining or not. Dave and Eric both slept in and missed this lovely walk.

Fortunately the weather relented and we only had a few drizzly showers to contend with on our lovely happy walk, on the way we called into a Tibetan refugee camp and bought some interesting things from them, mainly beaten bronze and silver products. I got two very nice braclets one of them had several Tibetan words on it that meant ‘good luck good health good life’ it looked like silver and was said to be silver, but time proved that it was not, but I wore it from then while I was in Nepal. The Tibetan people all looked very desperate, hungry and sad so I was pleased to spend some money with them. These poor people were living in a cave, or at least some of them were..

When we returned to the town of Pokara, lazy old sleepy heads Dave and Eric emerged from their sleep-in and joined us for coffee and our usual cakes.

Dave Glennis Eric Sharon enjoying the Shakara ride.

Sharon and I decided to lead the guys back to the Lake where there were Shakara’s for hire. Shakara’s are sort of dinghies with an oarsman at one end with only one oar. Eric and Dave hired an oarsman and his Shakara to take all four of us out on to the lake. What a fine time we had lazing back in the bottom of the boat, amusing the oarsman, trailing our fingers in the cold water, flicking water at each other, laughing all the way, while Eric got out his postcard of the mountain range and had us all recite the names of the mountains, all of which had nearly unpronounceable, it was so much fun, and what’s more the sun broke through the clouds to make it even nicer. Then as a reward for all our best efforts at the awkward pronunciation Eric decided to sing for us! He perched up on the front of the Shakara and gave us his best rendition of ‘The Way We Were’ sung by a Canadian with an American accent he told us, and it was just perfect, I hear him sing it again, in my mind, every time I hear the song come on the radio, even now.

Laundry Service. Ladies washing at the well and fruit and vegie seller at Pokara Lake Fewa.
The oarsman agreed to take our photos so we all have a record of the day.

There were fishing lines in the boat, which I first thought of putting out, as I am fisher person but they were soon forgotten in all the lovely fun we had. And what would I have done with a net full of fish anyway!

After some time out on the water and extra time to pay for, we landed and wandered back to town for yet more coffee and cakes,. We passed along the way the local Laundry sevice, which was just two poor women hand scrubbing clothes in the cold water of a well beside the road, and also the Medical centre Clinic which was just a tiny shed smaller than a garage which really amused Eric the Doctor among us specially some of the sevices they offered.  Continued our stroll back to the Hotel for a big bath, (certainly not together) as the shower wasn’t working well, and to rest before the evening activities.

The Medical Centre Clinic Lake Fewa.That small shed is all!

Dave and Eric came to meet up with us, and we decided after some discussion that we would go with everyone else to the Hungry Eye Restaurant in the bus. Afterwards, we were all sure that we had the very best meal we had eaten on tour, personally I can’t recall what we ate, just the fun and laughter; I enjoyed myself just so much. All the rest of the party went back to the Hotel by bus, but not our little group of four, we decided it was a lovely night and only a 40 minute walk so we would stroll back together in the pitch dark.  There was lots more fun and laughter as we only barely found the way in the dark, dodging wild dogs that seemed to be roaming everywhere and that were not very friendly, I had not had a Rabies shot while the others all had, so they gathered around me when ever a possibly rabid dog approached, such fun I was almost searching out rabid dogs to call over! Group hugs are so much fun.

We four are becoming such good friends; truly I know I am not going to want to return home, I want this tour to go on forever.

Happiness is: spending time in Nepal with such good friends as these.

reikunboy says:
I swcond it A great blog
Posted on: Jun 18, 2008
rotorhead85 says:
Great times and a great blog! Are you all still in touch?
Posted on: Jun 17, 2008
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Tibetan refugees living in a cave.
Tibetan refugees living in a cave.
A pretty corner of Lake Fewa
A pretty corner of Lake Fewa
Dave Glennis Eric Sharon enjoying …
Dave Glennis Eric Sharon enjoying…
Laundry Service. Ladies washing at…
Laundry Service. Ladies washing a…
The Medical Centre Clinic Lake Few…
The Medical Centre Clinic Lake Fe…
photo by: Makkattack