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The girl I met in the minibus to Sirince. She's hot with her blonde hair and blue eyes.
There will be few pictures for this entry since my camera ran out of battery that day. It was Saturday afternoon after I finished visiting Ephesus and the museum in Selcuk. I still had 7 hours to go before my bus left for Istanbul at 9.30 pm. My tour guide recommended me to take a minibus at the Otogar (bus station) to Sirince, a wine village on the mountain. The minibus took only 20 mins climbing up to the hill and costed only 3 TRYs.
The view along the way reminded me of Andora. Sirince is a village in Selcuk where the culture is influenced by Greek culture since it's located by the western coast of Turkey.
The minibus to Sirince
The country houses lining up on the slope and the 360 degree scenery on the hill make it the most memorable view I've seen in Turkey.
When I got off the bus I met this guy; Veli, an owner of a wine cellar. He was totally surprised finding out that I was from Thailand since I was the first Thai he met there. He had great experience traveling around Thailand many years ago so he took his half day taking me around his neighboring area and met some of his friends.
He also owns a restaurant on the hill called Dimitros restaurant since it's located on the hill by the Dimitros church built by Greeks. This restaurant is recommended to visit and spend a dinner on the balcony watching sunset and drinking Black-mulberry wine with some fresh fruits. Then around 7 pm you can go inside the restaurant and enjoy some traditional Turkish music.
The view on the way up on the hill
Veli arranges traditional Turkish band and some belly dancing show every night in summer. It's worth dropping by and experience his hospitality.
After that in the evening he took me to join a debut party of a wine bar owned by his friend. Oh girls, I'm sorry I cannot remember the name of the restaurant ; the owner is super hot!!! :p I was so lucky companying Veli so that I could have couple glasses of free wine. They had belly dancers dancing on street outside the bar to invite people and promote the bar. It was great fun watching those girls seducing guys to come :p Those guys had to tug a bank note into their bra so that those girls would leave them alone. It's the perfect Turkish art of seduction indeed. :p
I finally said good bye and thank you to Veli for his hospitality showing me around and the fun experience so I bought 6 bottles of wine and they costed only 100 TRYs!! I wanted to buy more but I couldn't carry it with me since I still have my trip to finish.
I wasn't drunk that day but the wine just made me sleep very well on the bus back to Istanbul.
stabber911 says:
I know!! i met a few guys and gal from Turkish in Afghanistan. They like me working in construction business.. Before I met the gals, this Turkish guy I had been working with comment that Turkish gal is ugly with mustache. However, when I met the gal in his office Man!! The gals was SUPER HOT!! I want to kick that Turkish guy for saying what he said but he just too big for me!! :(
Posted on: May 10, 2008
dodge says:
I can tell you man, Turkish girls are so hotttt!! You have to get yourself there!!
Posted on: May 10, 2008
stabber911 says:
Hay! you also forget to remember any place with really really hot gal for the guys in travbuddy too!!
Posted on: May 10, 2008
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The girl I met in the minibus to S…
The girl I met in the minibus to …
The minibus to Sirince
The minibus to Sirince
The view on the way up on the hill
The view on the way up on the hill
The view from Veli restaurant; Dim…
The view from Veli restaurant; Di…
Me in an old church owned by one o…
Me in an old church owned by one …
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