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My room (6 mixed dorm) That was all I could afford to pay. This hostel was very clean and good service.
I don't know if you've ever kept dreaming of someone that you've never met in real life? And one day you meet him/her in the flesh?? That's how I felt when I was sitting on the plane and looked down to see Istanbul underneath the wing. Mountains of houses and mosques. I was speechless and felt like crying. This part is too dramatic I know :p But I just let myself melt into that moment since I will see Turkey for the first time only once in my life. Whether I come back I would never feel like this again.

I was not only lost into the moment of this "Love at First Sight" but also I lose the direction since airport :p

I had to get myself to the old town "Sultanahmet" and my hostel was "Sultanahmet Hostel" which I had to take Metro into town and then take Tram to Sultanahment.
Blue mosque
I met an OLD Austrian guy on Metro. He spoke to me in German and I tried to communicate with him with my broken German :p He showed me the way to go to tram but before that he asked me to have a coffee with him. I felt strange a bit but I found him harmless since he's around 60 something already so I just tried to be polite and joined his coffee before getting the tram.

He asked me in German if he could sleep with me tonight. WTF!! I could understand what he meant but pretended that I didn't. He was so persistent that I had to lie to him I had a BF already. (I just figured out when I got back that I should tell him that I'm lesbian which might make my life a lot easier :p) I'm not naive or vulnerable but I was just so scared indeed. I then excused myself and went straight to the tram.
In side the Blue Mosque

While I was on my way I met another guy who help showing the way again and ended up asking me to go out. I was freaked out already! When I was at the hostel I felt lose, panic and worried if I could survive home. I've never really had a broken heart before but I felt just like that now. I was actually crying in the hostel room and planed to book my flight home :(

I felt I really need a friend to talk to but it was too late to call home so I chose to talk to my green true friend; Heineken at the hostel. I met 2 Turkish guys; Halit and Mahmut. Though I didn't trust them at the first place and wasn't very nice but we made really good friends afterwards. They calmed me down and showed me around their hanging out place not very far from the hostel. I protected myself by telling them to control each other not to touch me since in Thai if they touch a woman they have to marry that girl.
Washing area before praying
(That used to be true in some norther part of Thailand though :p) I didn't know if they were polite or they just afraid of marrying me, non of them ever touched me at all :p I had good time and felt relieved. We bumped to each other unexpectedly some time when I was around Istanbul.

So my first night in Istanbul after spent time with these guys I came back to hostel at 3 am :p They made my first Istanbul experience not so bad. I felt a lot better and ready to pursue my trip and most of all, I felt in love with Turkey again. Though I had bad experience starting off my trip with but surprisingly those experiences were so memorable and really jazzed up my memory about Turkey. I know that those guys were not meant to harm me. On the contrary I found that they were so straight asking me right on my face in stead of seducing me or something.
geek_goddess_jolie says:
No touching -- That's a good tip! I'll try that next time. =) But yeah, pretty awful what you had to go through with these men...only after one night!
Posted on: Nov 08, 2009
dodge says:
To be honest, that Austrian guy was not that bad though. I felt that he was too lonely since he's alone and really need someone and I might be too nice and too approachable which is harmful in a way. I'm kind of pity him since I might end up alone and one day I will be like an old cow who tries to seduce some young tourist guy, who knows hahahahaha :p
Posted on: May 15, 2008
stabber911 says:
That OLD Austrian guy make really bad name for Austrian
Posted on: May 10, 2008
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My room (6 mixed dorm) That was al…
My room (6 mixed dorm) That was a…
Blue mosque
Blue mosque
In side the Blue Mosque
In side the Blue Mosque
Washing area before praying
Washing area before praying
First met Halit and Mahmut.
First met Halit and Mahmut.
My last day in Turkey, I bumped wi…
My last day in Turkey, I bumped w…
Another day that I happen to meet …
Another day that I happen to meet…
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