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The number of riders doing the training rides has steadily increased as we get to the Ride Date.

I call this one the damn ride.  It's really the Mansfield Dam training ride, but I still call it the damn ride.  That's because there is a lot of traffic along 620 on the way to the Dam, and there are a lot of hills.   It's a 36 mile loop that starts at 360 and Bee Caves Road in Westlake Hills.  From there, you ride out 2222 west to Highway 71, go north briefly to 620, and then head back east to Mansfield Dam at Lake Travis.  The ride out on 2222 is really beautiful, particularly now that the wildflowers are in bloom.  We saw lots of bluebonnets, winecups and Mexican hats today -- all in shades of blue, red, pink and yellow.

I pulled one of my biggest bone head moves of the season on this ride.  I was riding east on 620, coming down into the town of Lakeway.

With my buddy, Dave at Mansfield Dam on Lake Travis
  As I approached a stop light that was red, I started slowing.  I saw that it had changed to a green arrow for those turning left, so knew that the light was going to turn green for me to go straight ahead shortly.  I continued to inch forward very slowly.  I unclipped my right foot from the pedal in preparation to stop -- but I kept thinking it would turn green at any moment and I could continue.  Wrong.  The light hestitated.  For some reason, instead of leaning to the right where I had unclipped my foot, I fell to my left where I was still clipped in.  Bang!  Down I went and skinned my knee good.  That was not so bad -- it was the embarassment of falling down at a light where I should have been stopped.  And doing it in front of traffic.  And in front of several of my friends just behind me.  Nice move!

I picked myself up and continued on to the damn Dam.  The views were great out over Lake Travis, complete with a few sailboats tacking back and forth in the wind.

The ride back to Westlake Hills was smooth and uneventful.  No more falls, just good riding.

Fund raising update:  My total to date:  $2,100.  Team total to date: $25,000.

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The number of riders doing the tra…
The number of riders doing the tr…
With my buddy, Dave at Mansfield D…
With my buddy, Dave at Mansfield …
Mansfield Dam
Mansfield Dam
photo by: diisha392