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So I arrived in PVD on the afternoon of the 26th (after a super long bus ride which my brother pointed out could have put me in Europe had I been on a plane) and it's been really nice to be here.  I was reluctant to leave Vermont for various reasons, but it's important to be here and see my niece eve though she won't remember a thing when I see her 8 months from now.  Last night we did Christmas and I got some great things!  Today I babysat, went to the mall, and then babysat some more.  Tonight I kicked my brother's ass in Scrabble (I got the bonus for using all my letters- twice!) while sitting by a fire, drinking tea, and listening to good music.  It's always nice to come here.  I'm sad to leave tomorrow, but I have sooooooooo much to do it's a bit crazy.  I have a ton of packages to send, things to coordinate, CDs to burn, the computer has to be fixed.... not to mention packing and getting the jumpsuit thing that I just found out about.  Plus a million other little details that add up faster than I can cross them off my list.  But I enjoy my night time-alone time, even if I do spend it filling out random myspace surveys!  If I were at home I would have my music playing, but I need to save my iPod battery for the bus.  That thing saves the day on bus rides, not only for the music but for appearing busy to weirdos that sit next to me and take up their seat and half of mine.  I had a nice dessert with Kate and her dad tonight; it was really nice of them to stop in here on their way home.  I don't do goodbyes very well, but I know we'll stay in touch and I still have a couple weeks of phone time before we both leave.  She brought me the nicest little goodie bag!!  Totally made my day!!  And my favorite quote of the evening- "It's not goodbye dodo, it's happy sailing!"  So now I have to pack up all my stuff and figure out how I'm going to get it home, and how I'm going to get my computer cord which I left at rescue.... grrrrrrrrrrrr
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photo by: diisha392