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Sweet with backpacker Vicky at Fort Santiago facade

This started when Chris (a fellow TB) who was a former HS classmate, messaged me asking if I could tour a British gal that he also met from his Asia travels and was now visiting Manila.

So i squeezed in an afternoon of sightseeing with her on a busy weekend.

I decided to meet up with her at one of our posh malls, Greenbelt. We decided to go for a restaurant found at the 3rd building, which presented traditional Filipino food with a global approach, Centro. If you're passing by Manila I strongly suggest that you try eating here.

We got my favorite 'Corned beef sinigang' it's the traditional tamarind stew with mixed veggies but instead of using beef pieces used corned beef cuts. We also tried the 'garlic galunggong' a Philippine fish supposedly eaten by the poor but checking out its price at the market it definitely is not! with drizzling of garlic sauce.

Vicky enjoying her pedicab ride!

After the preliminary getting-to-know you we passed through the conveniently connected Makati malls all the way to the train stop. We took a train to Manila (MRT train connecting to the LRT train) and discovered what stop was right in front of her hotel, which was a mystery to us till then, what a coincidence!

We went around the famous Intramuros, a walled city used as a base during the Spanish war.  Luckily, as we took pictures of the San Agustin Cathedral, a high society wedding was taking place. This allowed us a view of fancily dressed people and the line up of 'kalesa's or horse carriages that were equally fancily dressed up in white which reminded me of Cinderella's pumpkin.  Taking the 'pedicab' (see my review on a Commuter's life) we got off the entrance to Fort Santiago and got a tour of the old prison cells and a view of the faces on stone of various popular Philippine personalities.

This was where I got challenged the most, fortunately I got to recall most of them which would have made my History professors weep. Vicky also enjoyed a bit of attention from the Filipino and Korean children having their field trip, on a Sunday?! A garden wedding banquet was being prepared in the meantime by the entrance and this also gave us another dreamy moment as we observed the beautiful setup.

Still pumping with adrenalin we rushed off to Rizal park to grab some green mangoes with fish paste and 'dirty' ice cream (see my Review on Street food) I remember Vicky asking me why it was called 'dirty' ice cream which made me rack my brains for an answer to a name that I never questioned my whole life. True, there is no 'clean' ice cream, LOL! After researching later on I find out that this was because it's home made, making it less hygienic? Vicky was definitely adventurous on this aspect, trying out anything I gave her.

Walking until our feet hurt and got dirty, we finally reached Manila Bay, just at the right time, Sunset. Believe me this is no easy feat as it's over 3 long blocks from Taft Avenue where we started off.

After all the action we decided to have a round of drinks at her hotel and ejoy an hour of talk. My first experience of touring a fellow backpacker in Manila


blurbmoi says:
Ewww!!! Thanks for sharing Andi! That certainly makes a lot of sense! Haha! I don't think I can entice any more of our visitors that way.
Posted on: Jul 29, 2008
andiboi says:
growing up my aunt used to tell us that mamang sorbetero (Mr. ice cream man) does not wash his hands whenever he goes behind a tree and does a number two, well you know the rest...
me thinks: that's one dirty ice cream! lol
Posted on: Jul 28, 2008
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Sweet with backpacker Vicky at For…
Sweet with backpacker Vicky at Fo…
Vicky enjoying her pedicab ride!
Vicky enjoying her pedicab ride!
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photo by: Deats