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 I woke up so early, typical for me. Around 6:15 or 6:20, I finally busted out of the hotel because I had been awake since 4am. I figured that I might as well use my time wisely and try to find some good early morning shots. I found a couple of shots. I greeted people I saw and they greeted back. I got to see the towns people getting ready to go to their jobs and piling up in buses and backs of pick up trucks. I also saw tour buses coming in and letting off tourists. As I stood up to think what to do next, an older man began speaking to me in Spanish. It comes down to him saying “you is very very beautiful”. That was so nice and special and it made my day. Especially after knowing how I stand out almost anywhere.


This morning we left Ollantaytambo for Aguas Calientes, a.k.a. Machu Picchu Town. By train, it is a 1&1/2 hour ride.

We saw snow capped mountains which were part of the Andes. One I remember is called Wachay Wicca or Sacred Tears. I saw porters carrying bags for hikers. The most they are allowed to carry is 60 pounds. The hike for that trip is 4 days and 3 nights. 


We arrived in Aguas Calientes and walked to our hotel from the train station. We rested a little and had lunch together. Then we went for a walk through the town and to the beginning of the Inca trail. We went past the trail and into The National Archeological Park of Machu Picchu. The walk was a little long but very nice. It was pretty dusty because of the tourist buses passing by. We saw the tents set up for the people hiking the 6 hour trek to Machu Picchu. Actually, the tents may have been set up for the porters, not sure. We went past the trail and into The National Archeological Park of Machu Picchu. We all went inside of the museum which was a bit expensive. It cost us 20 soles each. The museum was small, yet very informative.


We walked back to town and took a 20 minute break before meeting up again.

Linda and Tim wanted to go to the hot baths. Only they and Washington were allowed to go in because they were wearing bathing suits. Marcus, Heather and I stayed on a platform that had a bar and relaxed. I’m glad that I didn’t bring a bathing suit because the water looked green to me.


A couple of the employees sat and talked to me. One was named Carlos. He is from Lima but has been in Machu Picchu Town for 10 years. He works at the bar and cleans up at the pool. He told me that he goes to some sacred places every day to meditate and to pray. He says it is very good. While I was there at the platform, he made his friend work while he tried to hit on me. I asked Carlos if he had ever been to the USA and he said no but maybe he’d go with me.Ha, that was original!



After hanging out at that dump, we all went back to town and stopped to eat at a restaurant called To To Restaurant. Translated, it means Loin of the Pepper, lol. We all got a kick out of that. The menu was even better. It advertised items like, Loin of Head and Soup to the Minute, lol! Marcus ordered Pollo de la Plancha but when he asked for it, he said Ponch instead of Plancha. We cracked up about that one. The food and dessert were good at that restaurant.


Tomorrow we meet at 6am for sunrise at Machu Picchu., yeah!!!!  So, meet in lobby at 6am, eat before and have bags ready to go.

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Aguas Calientes
photo by: Vikram