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Ok, either my clock didn’t work or else I didn’t hear it. The clock was set for 5:14 am, I never freaking heard it! Mthfckr!! I awoke on my own at 5:38am. Maybe foot steps woke me up. Thank God that I had all of my things packed! Only had to put away my pajamas, wash my face and brush my teeth. I was on time but I was tired.


Today was a great day. We left for Machu Picchu at 6am. We walked through the town to catch one of the small buses to the ruins. The bus dropped us off at the lodge area and there were quite a few other travelers there before sunrise. We only had to trek a short distance but it was still difficult.

It was a steep uphill climb up Incan steps. As usual, Marcus and I were the last and we stayed out of breath. In the end, it was worth it. The mountains and Machu Picchu were so beautiful! When we reached the top, we were above Machu Picchu. We were looking down on it. The sun hadn’t risen yet and the mountain was still covered by mist, clouds, fog, I don’t know but it was beautiful. Finally, the coverage lifted. Marcus’ book was right. You can not have a bad picture in Machu Picchu. When we were done touring the ruins, we rested a bit at the outdoor restaurant area.


A beautiful dark skinned South American lady started talking to me. She is studying English. She wanted me to translate the words Machu Picchu to English, for her. She was practicing her English on me and she was very good. She asked me if I was Brazilian. I told her no but I didn’t really know what else she was saying about me. Maybe it was something about my nationality.

Anyway, she said, “your skin (color) is very beautiful. I told her that hers was as well but she said, “no, I want yours”.


So, our group boarded the bus & there were free bottles of water at the front. I had a seat to myself and then a nice Belgian man sat next to me as people were still boarding. I let him know that there was free water. We ended up talking the whole ride back to Las Aguas Calientes . He was knowledgeable about traveling South America solo. He recommended Chile, especially for me and he loves Ecuador. We took a bad photo together, as a momento of meeting. The bus ride was over quickly, though and I think that Washi almost missed our stop. So, we had to hop off the bus quickly. Note: Macchu Picchu is much warmer than Ollantaytambo & Cusco.


We had lunch in Machhu Picchu Town at Pachumamma’s Restaurant.

Then we caught the Peru Rail Train back to Ollantaytambo. The ride took about an hour & 15 minutes .It was very relaxing and it was such a beautiful view of more Inca terraces & ruins. As we were traveling on the train, I could see one top part of a mountain side, it was on fire. Washi said that people set the fire on purpose to draw out the Condor Birds and to do bad things with them. As Washi and I were talking, my right nostril began bleeding, out of nowhere! It was so embarrassing! Washi gave me some toilet paper to stop it up. He said it probably happened because of the altitude.


When we pulled into the station, Felix was there to meet us and to help with our bags. Actually, when the train came, I saw that Felix spotted me and Washi next to the window. He had a big smile and he was waving. When I got off of the train, he gave me a hug and kiss. We went directly to the restaurant where we had eaten before. Washi’s mother had prepared Cuy (guineau pig) and potatoes. It was like chicken, only better. Cuy is a delicacy in Peru. We all ate dinner together, including, Maria who is Washi’s mom, the van driver and Felix.

Maria was very nice and we really appreciated her going through the trouble of preparing this special meal for us.


Maria said that I was very beautiful and that I should marry Felix, lol! Everyone loved that. Anyway, you are supposed to even eat the head of the guinea pig, including the bones. Washi & the other guys said the head is the best part. Marcus had one on his plate and he wasn’t too appreciative of this fact. I looked over at him and the head of his cuy was facing me, like it was looking at me. Marcus began rocking his plate so that his piece of cuy looked like a bobble head!!! I had to burst out laughing. It was so very funny. We didn’t stay very long after we had eaten. We all went outside to get into the van, even though, the hotel was just a few feet up the road. Felix was waiting by the van. When I approached the van, he gave me a present. It was a necklace with the ???Southern Cross???, made out of granite stone from Machu Picchu. He put it around my neck, then he hugged me and gave me a kiss. At this time, Washi shouted, “they’re engaged”. Washi took a couple of pictures of the occasion and so did Marcus. It really was nice. We drove a couple of steps to the Sauce Hotel.

I used the bathroom before our next journey. One last time, hugged Felix and Washi took a couple of pictures. Felix asked if I would go out with him in Cusco tonight but I told him to ask Washi. Anyway, we are almost close to Cusco. This was our last night together as a group. 

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Machu Picchu
photo by: NazfromOz