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Last night, our last night together was nice. We rode back in taxi bus to Cusco. Stayed at El Bacon, again. We all began to feel the effects of high altitude again. I didn’t feel tired until arrived back in Cusco. We had enough time to repack and to settle down. Then we met for dinner. We walked to the main square, La Plaza de Almas. Ate at a nice restaurant and had good food there. Washi’s wife Pamela met us at the restaurant. She had Washi translate into English that I have beautiful color skin and that she wants my color. The live music was very good. 5 brothers played Peruvian music. I bought a CD, which turned out to be just ok. We all decided that we’d walk home afterwards. It was much easier than the first day.

I woke up at about 3am, the next morning. Then I had diarrhea, so I had to get up a few more times because of it. I took some Immodium AD before breakfast and it helped. A driver picked us up to take us to the airport in Cusco. He made sure that we all got into the correct line for Lima departure. Since there was a 12 hour layover once we arrived in Lima, Heather, Marcus and I took a cab into the Miraflores part of Lima. They already had a hotel reservation and since we were only going to stay

Until 7:45pm, the hotel was able to rent me a room, too. The Hotel is called Hotel Antigua Miraflores (Hotelera Antigua). It was an old building with antique furniture, beautiful Peruvian portrait paintings and it was a very charming hotel. We walked to a very nice business restaurant in the area. The service was excellent. Then we walked around this part of town for a while. The three of us went back to the hotel and relaxed. I found a nice open roof top balcony on the 3rd floor. It seemed remote and had a nice roof top view.

I took a few pictures of myself and just hung out up there, for a while.


Marcus had arranged for the same cabbie who had dropped us off earlier, pick us back up that same evening. He was a very nice old guy. He demonstrated spoon playing while driving. We only almost crashed once. It was a bit scary. I believe that in the past, he had won some awards for spoon playing.


We arrive at the airport safely. Marcus and Heather helped me get to the correct line and I checked in shortly after. I am so glad that I didn’t buy that bag of coca leaves that I was determined to buy! Just this morning, I had said that I’d never seen any drug dogs at an airport because Tim and Linda said that they had. Anyway, there was a drug dog at my check-in and he sniffed all the bags except mine! For some reason, mine was moved slightly away from the others. So, I got through that and I went to customs. I had a small bottle of water which I thought was ok to have but the customs lady thought that I had some other liquid in my back pack. Actually, it was an empty glass water bottle. She said that since it was empty, I was fine to carry it with me.

Finally, I was walking around the airport and not hanging out in a line. I popped inside a jewelry store for a second and then I walked out of it to look at its display windows. One of the two ladies who were working inside invited me in but I told her that I was only looking. One of the pieces that I was looking at was a ring. It was beautifully designed and I had never seen anything like it. It was designed like a coil that would wrap around a finger. She explained to me that when a girl turns 15 years old, the women of the community make the young woman that kind of ring and they give it to her. The longer the ring is, the more prosperity. The lady from the shop wasn’t pushy or anything like that. She asked me if I was a tourist and if this was my first time here. She said, “you’ll be back”. Then she told me to come inside because she had a gift for me. She went behind the counter and got me a charm. The charm was El Tumi which is a Quechua term. It was so nice of her to give this to me. The people of Peru have been so nice to me, even people in the airport. It just makes me want to cry.


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photo by: Vlindeke