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Ok, now I've seen it all - a woman in full burqa on a jet ski and another parasailing on Patong Beach. Political/cultural implications about burqas aside, it just seemed silly. Especially as once the burqa gets wet, surely it will become clingy?? Oh well, at least they seemed to be enjoying themselves :)
There are a lot of Arabs here groups of (presumably) single men, married couples and families. The women wearing the burqa are most conspicuous, but there are many more women wearing only the headscarf. I've heard it's because they like to come to see the rain and the ocean. Some of the men clearly don't come for that alone.
I had dinner at this little Mexican restaurant down the south end of Patong, on Rat-U-Thit Road, called BBQ Hut. They have awesome honey smoked pork ribs, second only to Tony Romas in Acapulco in my mind. A half rack with two side dishes sets you back 330 baht (just under $13) and it will fill you right up.
As I wandered back towards Bangla Road, I stopped here and there to do some souvenir shopping. Sometimes, you've just got to laugh at the bald-faced attempts by some stall owners to take you for all they can get. I was looking at some t-shirts and, when I asked the guy how much they were, he looked me straight in the eye and said "Special price for you lady, 450 baht." It was a special price all right, I'd seen these same t-shirts selling down the road for 200 baht! I actually snorted out loud and told him he had to be joking. After that, of course, the price came down with each step I took away from the stall but I wasn't interested in haggling with him.
It's even more frustrating when a stall owner can't seem to understand why it is you don't want to buy their stock. Yes, I know they're trying to make a living, but it can get really annoying after a while, especially when you've already said no four times!
Stall owner: Hey miss, you want Louis Vuitton handbag?
Me: No
Stall owner: Why not?
 Now, do I go with:
 A - I dont have to tell you why
 B - I cant buy everything people try to sell me
 C - Your bags don't even come close to resembling a real Louis Vuitton bag
 D - I dont buy fakes
 E - I already have a real one
Of course, I say nothing and just keep walking. Now, I'm sure there are people that go mad over the various kinds of fakes you can buy in Phuket, but it's just not for me. Actually, don't even get me started on fakes, period.
I finally get the souvenir shopping done and head back to Bangla Road to catch the 9.10pm (last) shuttle back to the hotel. I get to the stop at 8.55pm and wait, and wait, and wait. Finally, at 9.35pm, I jump into a tuk tuk. When I get back to the hotel, the woman behind the desk is surprised to hear the shuttle didn't arrive because the driver left right on 9pm. At 11.30pm, the shuttle still hadn't arrived back at the hotel. Who knows what happened there...
Amanda says:
That's the best visual image I've ever heard! A woman in a burqa on a jet ski?? That's priceless!!
Posted on: Sep 24, 2006
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photo by: Aclay01