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The so-called wireless broadband at this hotel is crap. It hardly ever works. What's worse is, you have to buy time in half hour or one hour blocks and the username/password is only valid for 24 hours. So if you buy an hour, only use 10 minutes, then the internet access stops working for the next 24 hours, you've lost your credit! Grrrrr.....

So, instead, I'm just writing up my blogs on my laptop and posting them up en masse whenever I actually manage to get the access I've paid for!


Caught a songtaew (local bus) into Phuket town. The songtaews are flatbed lorries that have been converted into buses by placing a frame and roof over the tray and running a long bench seat down each side and the middle. There are windows all along the sides but they're only closed when it starts raining otherwise it gets uncomfortably hot inside. It's best to avoid catching the bus during peak hour as they can get very crowded and rather unpleasant to travel in. But they're cheap - 20 baht for the Patong to Phuket town run - and are a generally fun way to get around if you're not in a hurry. There aren't any bus stops, per se, you just flag the bus down anywhere along the route.

I went for a wander through old Chinatown, which has some nice old Sino-Portuguese buildings in various states of repair. Many of the old shopfronts along Dibuk Street have been restored and turned into private homes and business offices. Heading down to the Robinson store, which is like a Thai version of Target/K-mart, it started to cloud over and by the time I came out, it was absolutely bucketing down.

Generally, the rain only lasts for maybe 15 minutes or less so I stopped to grab some lunch across the road. It was still raining, but less heavily, when I finished lunch half an hour later so I made my way back to the bus stop. It finally stopped raining just as I was about the get on the bus, but by that stage I was well and truly soaked. At least when you get drenched in such warm weather, it isn't so bad because it helps to keep you cool. By the time I reached the hotel, I'd more or less dried out.

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photo by: Aclay01