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A rainy Sunday in NYC.

And Sunday was here before I had a chance to drink even a single bottle of Cabernet...Does anyone believe me besides Joy and John??? But Sunday did come quick, which meant it was time to gather our belongings, check out of the hotel, and take the cab back to JFK.  But since we were earlier risers we did have time to hit up a breakfast diner.  Stephen, Matt, Joy, Jillian, and I had brunch and then Stephen had to catch his flight to Texas.  Jillian and Matt were staying in NYC for a few more days and so after hanging out at Matt's hotel J2 and J3 took a cab to the airport.  We decided we would get something to eat there and arrived with about 3 hours to kill.  And kill them, we did!!!  We had lunch in an Irish place called O'Neals and agreed to have a glass of wine just to stop the shakes! LOL Might have worked if we had stopped at one glass......

We also ended up getting the waiter's email address so he could sign up on TB!!!! Before we knew it, however, and as we finished our last glass of wine, Joy's plane was already boarding! Good for us that our gates were very close by.  But when we got there, the screen announced that the flight to LAX had been changed from gate 5 to gate 30 something. We said our quick good-byes and Joy was off to the races.  I texted her a bit later to learn she had made it okay.

pearcetoyou says:
HAHA...yes, I do remember that you mentioned it! The free wine made up for the slow start!
Yes, we had fun, J3!
Posted on: Apr 29, 2008
pvtjoy says:
HOLY FRIJOLIES!!!!You had to remind me that we got the last 4 glasses of wine between us for FREE!!!!
HAHAHAHA!!! Did you remember that? LOL!!!
Yeah, Joy in cowboy boots dragging her suitcase, running quickly through the gates - filled with fermented GRAPES!!! I hit the seat on the plane and was out cold for the entire flight! Didn't even know if the passenger next to me was male or female! HAHAHAH!!!!! :) It was GREAT James!
Posted on: Apr 29, 2008
alicegourmet says:
Ohhh yea, you guys have too much fun!! LOL!
Posted on: Apr 28, 2008
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A rainy Sunday in NYC.
A rainy Sunday in NYC.
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