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I am slightly embarrassed to say this, but the most glorious moment in my trip so far, was shared with a throng of teenage girls. Teenage J-Rock fangirls, to be specific.

So I arrived at Shibuya O-East, feeling nervous that I was going to see my favourite Japanese singer in person. I was so nervous, that I almost backed out. In the train, I had put on my headphones and tuned in to Muse, reminding myself that I've seen international acts who're THAT MUCH bigger, and didn't drop a sweat.

So ok, I got to the venue half an hour late, was asked which band I had come to watch, surrendered my camera with much reluctance, and slipped into the hall.

The performing hall was HUGE; I was anticipating something the size of Eggman, but this place could easily fit a thousand people - a thousand dolled up, underage fangirls, at that. "Shit, there's no way I can deny being a fangirl now", lingered in my consciousness. After a few moments of sheepish grinning to self, I thought, "What the heck, I'm really enjoying this!" From then on, it was stand back, relax, and watch pretty boys in elaborate costume. It turned out that I had missed a band that I wasn't there to watch, and my band was supposed to be performing in an hour, said the man at door. It was alright at first, novel experience and all, but I got so bored at some point that I headed to the bar and had a few whisky waters (水割り, it said on the menu). Man at door had lied, and my band was last to come on.

But I was grinning from ear to ear when Daisuke stepped onstage. And I can't narrate the rest of it, having been in a trance-like state - but it was good, yup it was good. Thing is, most Japanese bands I've watched are (except for some of the previous visual/oshare-kei bands that I watched today).

So yeah, all in all a pointless entry, no pictures due to surrendered camera, but I just wanted to share my excitement, or at least what's left of it.

Mike - now I know how you must have felt in the L'arc concert. Mad stuff!
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photo by: maka77