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So maybe drinking vodka on the deck until the wee hours probably wasnt the best idea, but here i am preparing for my first dives in Honduras.  I have plenty of dive experience, but it is always screwing around with some friends, nothing formal.  Having said that, diving at Alton's is the extreme opposite.  They are very rigid in preparation, and if you havent trained with them, it may be a little over-whelming.  I basically watched others or just swallowed the pride and asked a stupid question.

The plan was to head to the north side of the island for the chance to see a whale shark.  They informed us to have our masks at the ready, because it would take too much time to get the dive equipment on.  Unfortunately, no whale sharks were spotted, but i did feel a bit queezy heading out there because the waves were so big, which was a nice treat.

Alton's party boat
 Once in the water i was fine, but the dive was not.  Blackish Point was a drift dive, which i find extremely boring most of the time.  To make matters worse, there were no marine life to observe, just the ubiquitous coral to stare at...yippeee.

The next dive, Rocky Point, only improved slightly.  At least this time we could explore the coral at are own desire, with the divemaster of course.  We saw a couple of sting rays and turtles, but nothing too eventful.  Bottom line, if you have never dived before, this will be an excellent introduction to diving.  However, if you have experience diving around the world, this will be just like any other place.  I was disappointed that Alton's would not allow divers to night dive or wreck dive unless you took the advance course with them.

hey its william-paul and simon again, i first met these guys in antigua, guatemala
  I have done both dives on my own, but am not certified advance.  It just seems they are trying to sell more training sessions.

After the dives, Kai and i rented some bikes from a lady who has bikes in her garage for 20 limps per hour.  We decided to make a circle of the island.  It was going good until Kai's bike somehow mashed up.  It took great effort for him to pedal it.  By the time we returned, he was in a pool of sweat, it was pretty funny.  There is much real estate on this island, with plenty of space to build.  It took us an hour by bike to circum-navigate the island.

Every Wednesday night, Alton's takes one of their boats over to Tranquila Bar.  Next door is an Indian restaurant called Indian Wok.  I had some great Indian food for 200 limps.  The food and drinks are cheaper if you purchase an Alton's T-shirt for 250 limps.  After food and drinks we headed over to Treetanic.  We took over the bar, it was mostly Alton's people.  Are there other people on this island?  We got tired of the scene, so we hiked over to Bar in the Bush, but it was too early and there was nobody there.  So anticipating the early wake up, i headed back to Alton's.




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bike rental
bike rental
Altons party boat
Alton's party boat
hey its william-paul and simon aga…
hey its william-paul and simon ag…
horse back riding
horse back riding
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