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At the Punta de la Brava lighthouse in Montevideo.

The weekend started off with one of my first visits to a club in Buenos Aires.  I have been kind of a bum and not socializing much, but the girl who lives in my house invited me to go to a club with her friends and I couldn't turn down the offer.  I said that I needed to be home by 2am in order to catch my 8:30am boat ride to Uruguay, but ofcourse we did not get to the club until about 1:45am and the party was just starting.  People here were not nearly as dressy as I though....I wore jean and a polo.  This was music from the 80's and 90's and the party was held at two different bars with a train going between the two.  I would imagine that I was one of the few toursits there.

View of the skyline of Montevideo at sunset.
  Don't think there was really much different about this and any American bar, except lots more communication problems with the bartendars.  It is hard enough when it is a different language but I didn't realize that all of the liquors would be different too.

To make a long story short we ended up getting a ride with one of her friends who dropped us off at about 7am.  This was just about enough time for me to change clothes and catch a bus to the port to find my boat.  I took a little nap on the 20 minutes bus ride and was wishing I had a longer boat ride to get a longer nap.  Unfortunately, after less than an hour I arrived in Colonia , Uruguay.  The city was the first settlement in Uruguay and a fort was built there so that the Portuguese could keep an eye on the Spanish entering Buenos Aires.
Enjoying a cappuccino in the Plaza de la Independencia. Actually it was a pretty crappy drink but at least it was a nice square.
  It is a UNESCO world heritage site and has some nice sites. I wish I would have arranged a tour in advance because I mainly wondered through the streets with a map provided by the tourist office.  While the city was pretty, it was hard to enjoy a peaceful lunch in the city without a lot of loud motorcycles going by in addition to cars with loud speakers that were advertising different stuff.  Maybe if I had more than an hours worth of sleep, I would have enjoyed it more. 

I also wonder why the Argentines have not yet taught this city how to build toilets properly.  Toilets (with a toilet seat) and paper are all requirements for a proper toilet.  If you are just going to put two ceramic pads on the ground then you might as well just plant a tree because with a tree you don't have a hole you need to im for. Regardless, I bought a pack of tissues so I had a ready supply of toilet paper for the weekend.
The central bank of Uruguay.

I actually headed to the train station at 2pm for my 4pm bus ride to Montevideo.  It was stuff staying awake, but I bought a newspaper so that I could study a little more Spanish.  I arrived in Montevideo at about 7pm (right on schedule).  For some reason I decided to walk the 3 kilometers (2 miles) to my hotel.  I think the few hours of sleep on the bus made me think I was ready for it.  I arrived at the hotel and quickly got directions to a good barbecue restaurant and walked the 2 miles there after missing a bus.  A barbeque restaurant doesn't mean barbeque sauce it just means that they do everything on the grill.  I had a great meal with a steak, half liter of wine and some apple pancakes.  Cost was 580 Uruguayan pesos ($29) plus what I think was a generous 100 peso tip ($5).
  I caught a bus back to the hotel, but of course it dropped me off somewhere unexpected and I had another mile to walk to get back to my hotel.  Then it was time for bed and 10 hours of sleep.

I got up and saw Montevideo the next day and won't tell you all the details other than I walked a lot.  It was a bit disappointing.  For some reason I imagined a more glamourous city, but it was kind of dirty and there weren't many toursits out.  In fairness it was a Sunday, but there was a distinct toursit area and not many tourists were there.  Things were definitely slower paced than in Buenos Aires and things ran on time unlike the rest of South America.  The city was has a nice coast along the beach, but the old city was a bit disappointing because most of the building aren't really old.
  Some nice parks and plazas and a livable city but not one that I could recommend to a lot of people.  After visit to the shopping mall and a dinner of Ravioli at a restaurant near the port I finally headed home on another boat at about 8pm and was happy to have the 3 boat ride to rest. I took a taxi back to 'my home' was in bed at around midnight.  My legs were happy to get the rest.

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At the Punta de la Brava lighthous…
At the Punta de la Brava lighthou…
View of the skyline of Montevideo …
View of the skyline of Montevideo…
Enjoying a cappuccino in the Plaza…
Enjoying a cappuccino in the Plaz…
The central bank of Uruguay.
The central bank of Uruguay.
What I dont like about Montevideo…
What I don't like about Montevide…
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